Nestlé R&D Tours signed Cooperation Agreement with the Indonesian Coffee & Cocoa Research Institute

Back to Press releasesJakarta, Indonesia,Nov 15, 2009

The Cooperation Agreement between Nestlé Research & Development in Tours (Nestlé R&D Tours), France and the Indonesian Coffee & Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI), Jember (East Java) to develop high quality Indonesian Robusta Coffee plantlets was signed today (15 November 2009) in Bali.

The cooperation that has been started in 1994 is expected to produce Robusta coffee plant with better yield and more resistance to drought and disease, while preserving the originality of Indonesian coffee.

Through the present cooperation agreement signed by the Head of Nestlé R&D Tours, Dr. Pierre Broun and the Director of ICCRI, Dr. Teguh Wahyudi, which is witnessed by the Minister of Agriculture of Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Suswono, MMA, Nestlé R&D Tours and ICCRI will perform the genetic mapping of Indonesian Robusta Coffee to ensure the quality of coffee plants that have been developed from the earlier cooperation. This effort has been fully supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Based on the earlier cooperation agreement, Nestlé R&D Tours had granted the Somatic Embryogenesis (SE) technology to ICCRI to enable ICCRI to propagate coffee and cacao plantlets in large quantity in a shorter period of time. With the SE technology from Nestlé, since 2008 ICCRI has successfully produced 21.6 mio cacao plantlets. These have been planted across 10 (ten) provinces in Indonesia to revitalise cocoa plantations with plants that are more productive and resistant to disease. This will help the competitiveness of Indonesian farmers on the International markets.

Creating Shared Value

During this occasion, the Legal & Corporate Affairs Director of PT Nestlé Indonesia, Debora R. Tjandrakusuma stated, “What we are doing today is part of our business strategy to create shared value along our value chains. Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the key to Nestlé’s success. We believe that our long term success is dependent on our ability to create value along our value chain, be it our shareholders, employees, consumers, society and our stakeholders.”

“And we are pleased that with the SE technology granted from Nestlé, based on the partnership between Nestlé and ICCRI since 1994, ICCRI has supported the government in developing original Indonesian coffee and cocoa plantlets with better yield and resistant to disease in a shorter time.”

Nestlé Indonesia

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