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Redefining baby food, one puree at a time

How NaturNes Baby Organic is winning hearts and tummies across Europe
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How do you shake up a market seemingly dominated by a handful of entrenched pure-play companies?

That was the challenge facing Nestlé in mid- 2017, as it looked to tap into the growth opportunities of the organic baby food market. The segment is fast expanding, its growth fueled by a new generation of parents more health- and diet-conscious than the previous one. In many countries, organic baby food products have in a short timespan gained a solid following among consumers.

Fast forward to today, and Nestlé has established a strong presence in the highly-competitive organic baby food market, with its NaturNes Baby Organic products gaining steady ground in all markets where they were rolled out.

Need for differentiation

NaturNes Baby Organic

For Paola De la Torre, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Manager, Nestlé Nutrition, the success of the NaturNes Baby Organic range comes down to a combination of out-of-the-box thinking and smooth execution.

“The organic nutrition business is one in which the potential for differentiation can at times feel limited,” said Paola. “We decided to approach the issue differently by introducing a new category of premium baby food altogether – baby organic.”

Rather than launching a new brand from scratch, Nestlé looked within its ranks, locking in on its NaturNes brand. “Many consumers were already familiar with this household brand, so we decided to capitalize on this,” Paola added.

Nature knows best

The NaturNes Baby Organic product portfolio was born – a new range of delicious infant cereals, purees, meals, and healthy snacks.


NaturNes’ baby organic products exceed all existing organic and baby food standards to date. To achieve that, they undergo a rigorous amount of checks – 96 in total, performed throughout the course of the production process. “This is a unique value proposition, and one for which we are seeing great demand,” Paola said.

Under the theme 'Nature knows best', a marketing campaign and a revamped packaging reinforcing the brand’s natural proposition were rolled out to introduce the NaturNes Baby Organic product range to consumers.

The launch of the NaturNes Baby Organic product range fits perfectly into Nestlé’s strategy to offer more organic and natural food and beverage products. In 2017 alone, 1041 new products were launched, addressing specific nutritional needs and deficiencies of babies, children, expectant women or new mothers.