Our global network

We have the world's largest food and nutrition research organisation, with about 5000 people involved in R&D, as well as corporate venture funds and research partnerships with business partners and universities.

Our in-house fundamental research takes place in four centres:

  • Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences provides and translate biomedical research into personalised science based nutrition.
  • Nestlé Research Center provides the scientific knowledge and research base for product renovation and innovation.
  • Clinical Development Unit provides medical expertise and manages clinical trials for the company, worldwide.
  • R&D Tours provides scientific expertise in plant science.

Proprietary high-tech product development takes place in our 34 Product Technology centres and R&D centres worldwide:

  • Product Technology centres provide a critical mass of technology expertise and product knowledge, for one or more of Nestlé’s business categories.
  • R&D centres have both a global role and a more local role by meeting regional needs or providing know-how in specific areas of technical expertise, such as system technology, and health sciences.

  • Center nameCountry
  • Nestlé Professional Beverage Centre Orbe

    Opened in 2007

    Focus: The Beverage Centre is an Innovation Management Centre made of a cross-functional team fully dedicated to Nestlé Professional. It develops, drives and delivers global beverages solutions.
  • PTC Beauvais

    Opened in 1972

    Focus: PTC Beauvais is Nestlé’s centre of excellence for ice cream. Centralised technology and science platforms together enable fast deployment of developments and allow direct support to markets.
  • PTC Fremont

    United States
    Opened in 1964

    Focus: Delivering healthy feeding solutions for infant and toddlers through science-based products. Nutrition education, promoting healthy eating habits to ensure infants and toddlers maintain optimal health.
  • PTC Konolfingen

    Opened in 1974

    Focus: PTC Konolfingen is Nestlé’s centre of excellence for shelf stable milk based products, infant and Healthcare nutritional products and dietetic specialities.
  • PTC Lisieux

    Opened in 1990

    Focus: Lisieux is the centre of excellence for chilled dairy products and healthy drinks. At the heart of the location is a pilot plant fully replicating the complete factory process.
  • PTC Marysville

    United States
    Opened in 1948

    Focus: Marysville is Nestlé’s lead centre for Ready to Drink Beverages working on a very wide range of different RTD products
  • PTC Orbe

    Opened in 1959

    Focus: PTC Orbe is Nestlé’s reference centre for products and technologies in coffee, powdered beverages and cereals, consumed in and out of the home.
  • PTC Singen

    Opened in 2004

    Focus: Within Nestlé R&D, PTC Singen is the home of food, bringing culinary art to a level that can be practised at home or used in a professional kitchen. Singen transforms science into technologies that deliver tasty and balanced meals with the highest freshness perception and convenience.
  • R&D St. Joseph

    United States
    Opened in 1926

    Focus: R&D St Joseph is one of Nestlé’s two centres of excellence for Petcare.
  • PTC St. Louis

    United States
    Opened in 1990

    Focus: PTC St Louis is one of Nestlé’s two centres of excellence for PetCare
  • PTC Vittel

    Opened in 2003

    Focus: PTC Vittel is home for the Nestlé Waters R&D programme. It is a centre of excellence for innovation and renovation including product, packaging, process engineering, packaging materials and sustainability.
  • PTC York

    United Kingdom
    Opened in 1991

    Focus: PTC York is Nestlé’s centre of excellence for chocolate, sugar confectionery and biscuits focusing on lighter eating, luxury gifting and popularly positioned products (PPP)
  • R&D Abidjan

    Côte d'Ivoire
    Opened in 2009

    Focus: R&D Abidjan focuses on agriculture, raw materials and traditional African ingredients
  • R&D Amiens

    Opened in 1986

    Focus: Dedicated to our pet's health and well-being. Undertakes the innovation/renovation of Petcare products. Has pilot plants for both wet and dry products; a Petcare facility and an applied sciences laboratory.
  • R&D Beijing

    Opened in 2008

    Focus: Safety, quality, nutrition and life sciences research, including work on traditional Chinese medicines, food technology and packaging. The research focus in Nutrition and Life Sciences addresses three key health benefits – growth and development, healthy ageing and weight management. R&D Beijing will strengthen existing research collaborations with scientists in the Greater China region.
  • R&D Minneapolis

    United States
    Opened in 1974

    Focus: Innovating superior nutrition solutions recognised to serve the needs of patients and care-givers.
  • R&D Queretaro

    Opened in 1990

    Focus: Delivering healthy feeding solutions for infants and toddlers through science-based products. Nutrition education and promoting healthy eating habits to ensure infants and toddlers maintain optimal health.
  • R&D San Diego (Prometheus)

    United States
    The Prometheus R&D center in San Diego develops novel diagnostics that enable physicians to provide more personalised patient care, with a particular focus on gastrointestinal diseases and oncology.
  • R&D Sansepolcro (Casa Buitoni)

    Opened in 1992

    Focus: Casa Buitoni, in the small Italian town of Sansepolcro, combines Italian culinary skill with nutritional excellence for products full of mediterranean goodness.
  • R&D India


    Opened in 2012

    Focus: R&D India supports all markets worldwide with new product development and manufacturing excellence for Noodles. It is also a Center of Expertise for local Indian cuisine within the R&D network and offers assistance to Culinary, Confectionery, Nutrition and Dairy products in the SAR region.

  • R&D Sderot

    Opened in 2002

    Focus: R&D Sderot is a small location but a centre of excellence for cereal snacks. It has strong links with, and provides close support for, the Israeli market.
  • R&D Shanghai

    Opened in 2001

    Focus: R&D Shanghai supports all markets in Asia and Oceania, in particular the Greater China Region. It is a turntable for all Nestlé R&D with regard to Chinese nutrition, research and sourcing.
  • R&D Singapore

    Opened in 1982

    Focus: R&D Singapore is a vital component in delivering local taste and balance to products which support the rapidly growing Asian markets.
  • R&D Solon

    United States
    Opened in 2001

    Focus: Solon is a centre of excellence for frozen and chilled culinary products and convenience baking.
  • R&D Tours

    Opened in 1991

    Focus: Tours is Nestlé’s centre of excellence for innovation around strategically important plant raw materials; especially coffee, cocoa and chicory. Its focus is on increasing quality and the sustainability of supply
  • R&D Santiago

    Opened in 2010

    Focus: Nestlé's global research and development in biscuits and cereal-based snacks, focusing both on innovation and renovation of products.
  • R&D Bakersfield

    United States
    Focus: ice cream
  • Nestlé Research Center


    The Nestlé Research Center, at its four locations in Lausanne, St Louis, Beijing and Tokyo, is the world's largest private food nutrition research institute. The Nestlé Research Center specialises in food, nutrition, safety, quality and life sciences and plays a crucial role in providing the scientific and technological basis for renovation and innovation across the whole of Nestlé’s product portfolio.

  • Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

    Opened in 2010

    A specialised biomedical research institute based on the campus of the world-renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The institute aims to better understand chronic human diseases and ageing as influenced by metabolism, genetics and environment.
    Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences
  • System Technology Centre Orbe

    Opened in 2012

    Focus: System innovation, with expertise in machines, packaging, electronics, and design.
  • Chocolate Centre of Excellence Broc

    Opened in 2009

    Focus: The Chocolate Centre of Excellence, located at Nestlé's chocolate factory in Broc, is the company's first R&D facility entirely dedicated to the development of premium and luxury chocolate.
    Chocolate Centre of Excellence
  • Clinical Development Unit Lausanne

    Opened in 2012

    Focus: Dedicated to the management of clinical trials