Sustainable development supporting food service operators

image A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH: We are dedicated to improving the quality of life by addressing issues important to our global community such as sustainability, health and wellness, and food safety.

Across Nestlé and within Nestlé Professional we strive to create shared value and ensure sustainable development at every step of our value chain. 

This includes a socially-responsible and environmentally-sustainable approach to how we source, manufacture, package and transport our products, and how our products impact the quality of life for everyone we touch including farmers who supply us, suppliers, trade partners, and consumers. At Nestlé we call this 'Creating Shared Value'.

Working with food service operators across 97 countries we know that consumers' lives are getting busier and that consumers are not willing to sacrifice taste and nutrition in their out-of-home food and beverage consumption. 

We also know that consumers want peace of mind that the products they enjoy have been sourced, manufactured, packaged and served in ways that respect the environment and people. Food service operators know that they can trust Nestlé and our brands to demonstrate sustainable development as a core business principle. 

To learn about what Nestlé does across its operations or in specific areas such as coffee or chocolate, visit:

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