Healthy diet and lifestyle

Our commitment: Promote healthy diets and lifestyles, including physical activity

Our commitment: Promote healthy diets and lifestyles, including physical activity

Our objective

By 2015 – Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme will be ongoing in 80 countries, with the activation of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Kids Athletics programme to improve the nutrition, health and wellness of children around the world.

Our progress

By the end of 2014, we were actively working with 294 partners across 73 countries to deliver our Healthy Kids Global Programme (2013: 68 countries). 67 out of a total of 77 Healthy Kids programmes contain a physical activity component, for which our main partner is the IAAF. We reached more than 7.6 million children in 2014 alone (2013: 6.9 million).

Our perspective

Driving behaviour change towards healthier diets and lifestyles is a global challenge. Nestlé is committed to promoting the importance of a balanced diet and regular physical activity among young people. We support initiatives that demonstrate how diet and exercise can improve health and well-being, and we are developing evidence-based, impactful initiatives that contribute to the health of local school communities.

Effectively measuring the long-term success of our Healthy Kids Global Programme is a key priority, and at times a challenge. Sustained success is itself a challenge as this depends on quality partnerships and the ability of the education system to provide nutrition education and physical activity in schools. Nestlé is committed to supporting authorities globally, to help ensure children adopt appropriate nutrition and physical activity habits, which are important for their development and learning ability. Together with our partners, we need to further advocate for whole-school approaches where nutrition and health are considered an important part of children’s development.

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