Our people

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Suleman Bariso, a young Ethiopian refugee recruited under the Nestlé Helps initiative, working at the Biessenhofen infant formula factory in Germany.

We are a truly diverse company, with 328 221 employees and operations in 119 countries; we strive to ensure that life is better at Nestlé. Our people are united by our culture, values and principles, based on respect, quality and personal responsibility. Creating and maintaining positive individual and collective relationships is part of everyone’s job. Providing good working conditions and keeping our people safe, healthy and engaged are our top priorities.

Our strategy

Our people are the key to our success and our achievements are a result of their strong engagement and commitment. We aim to empower people, especially women and young people, and provide opportunities for their economic growth and development. To do this, we sustain a high-performance culture, supported by a total rewards approach and people development that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth.

Diversity and inclusion

Research shows that diversity and inclusion are proven to motivate and engage employees, leading to higher performance. Diverse and inclusive companies are 66% more innovative than their homogenous counterparts (pdf, 244Kb) and 70% more likely to capture a new market. These are significant impacts.

Our approach

Fair employment, diversity and inclusion are part of our values. We aim to provide a workplace culture that generates equal opportunities for everyone, and in which people are treated with dignity and respect. We are expanding our efforts to strengthen this inclusive culture.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion throughout our company. Our main focus remains on achieving gender balance, reflected in our commitment to the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles. However, throughout the organisation we are also embedding other diversity aspects, including disability, age and ethnicity. Leveraging our diversity and inclusion will bring significant value to our company and support us in our ambition to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

Our commitment

Youth employment and employability

Youth unemployment is a serious issue across the world, with the International Labour Organization estimating the global youth unemployment rate for people aged 15–24 will reach 71 million – 13.1% – by 2017. We believe in providing work and training opportunities to develop and harness that talent, which helps to alleviate poverty and provide a stream of new talent for our business.

Our approach

As a major employer, we recognise that we can make a positive difference by providing employment opportunities and skills development. Through apprenticeships, training schemes and initiatives to equip young people with the skills required for the workplace, and by hiring young people from local communities, we can play a significant role in addressing youth unemployment and its effects. By rolling out the Nestlé Global Youth Initiative across all our operations, we are recruiting and developing the next generation of global Nestlé leaders. As a major employer, we can make a positive difference by providing employment and training opportunities and skills development for young people, which in turn can help alleviate poverty.

Collective action

Mexican factories need skilled machine operators, but young people often lack the necessary skills. Our Youth and Talent Attraction Team worked with the Ministry of Education and two technical schools, CONALEP and ALTRATEK, to identify needs and build the required training into the curriculum. A train-the-trainer system was developed using experienced operators who shared their knowledge with teachers. The results were an increase in applicants’ competency levels, reduced recruitment time, lower training costs and more and improved employment opportunities for young people.

Our commitments

Building a safer, healthier workplace

It is essential that we provide a safe workplace for all our employees, protecting and promoting their wellbeing. All our sites operate to the highest standards for safety and health, and employees are encouraged and helped to lead healthy lives, contributing to a workforce that is healthy, safe and motivated.

Our approach

Ensuring life is better at Nestlé begins with the safety and health of our people. We work hard to create a culture in which safety and health are top priorities, and our aim is to achieve zero work-related injuries and illnesses. We also want to help our employees make more informed decisions about their own health. Our strategic priorities are set out in the Nestlé Framework for Employee Health, while our Safety and Health Roadmap 2016–18 details our approach to addressing these issues.

Collective action

Vehicles and driving remain the leading cause of work-related fatalities at Nestlé. We aim to reduce the number of vehicle-related injuries by enhancing our safe driving programmes across our markets. In Pakistan, we partnered with the National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) to establish the first drivers’ training institute, near Sheikhupura. The Nestlé–NH&MP Drivers’ Training Institute is a fully equipped facility that provides expert training not just to our own and NH&MP’s drivers, but also to those of other public and corporate organisations. The facility features a driving safety training track, two blocks of classrooms and a high-tech driving simulator. So far, 15 000 drivers have been trained, including 4000 Nestlé drivers, and a second facility is now planned for Karachi.

Our commitment