Partnerships and alliances


We face a range of economic, social and environmental challenges, including rising obesity, deforestation and child labour. While we are committed to confronting these issues, they are too complex to be tackled by one organisation alone. By offering our expertise and working with multiple stakeholders – including UN agencies, international organisations, governments, academia and NGOs – we aim to make a positive, sustainable impact in these areas.

A strategic approach

Collaborative initiatives are beneficial to Nestlé, as they help connect our business with the activities of other partners on a global scale. Maintaining long-term relationships is also vital for Creating Shared Value and inspiring, building and protecting trust.

We have selected strategic partnerships and industry alliances that support our Creating Shared Value strategy and can help build our reputation, while also helping to address current economic, social and environmental challenges. To be successful, these partnerships must be mutually beneficial and accomplish shared goals. The main challenge is to clearly define roles and responsibilities in each partnership, to make it as effective as possible.