Responsible sourcing and the Nestlé Supplier Code

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RESPONSIBLE SOURCING: Our aim is to ensure that vendors work according to the same principles and values that we do ourselves.

In our Corporate Business Principles, Nestlé commits to foster responsible practices in our supply chain. The Nestlé Supplier Code (pdf, 2Mb) and its Appendix (pdf, 1Mb) helps to implement this commitment. We want to ensure both responsible sourcing and supplier relationships that deliver a competitive advantage.

The Nestlé Supplier Code establishes non-negotiable minimum standards that we ask our suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors to respect and to adhere to at all times when conducting business.

The Nestlé Supplier Code is an integral part of all purchase orders, supply contracts and is being integrated into all other commercial agreements. The Nestlé Supplier Code is implemented in each market and business and is applicable to all suppliers. Read more about how we implement the code worldwide through our Traceability and Responsible Sourcing Audit Programme.

You can also read more about our supplier base, that includes approximately 165 000 direct suppliers and 680 000 individual farmers, who deliver materials to Nestlé’s buying stations, in our sourcing overview.

Nestlé Supplier Code available in 26 languages

Arabic (pdf, 2Mb)

Armenian (pdf, 2Mb)

Azerbaijani (pdf, 2Mb)

Bulgarian (pdf, 2Mb)

Burmese (pdf, 2Mb)

Chinese (pdf, 3Mb)

Croatian (pdf, 4Mb)

Czech (pdf, 3Mb)

English (pdf, 2Mb)

Finnish (pdf, 3Mb)

French (pdf, 3Mb)

Georgian (pdf, 1Mb)

German (pdf, 2Mb)

Hindi (pdf, 2Mb)

Hungarian (pdf, 400Kb)

Indonesian (pdf, 3Mb)

Italian (pdf, 2Mb)

Japanese (pdf, 2Mb)

Polish (pdf, 3Mb)

Portuguese (pdf, 2Mb)

Romanian (pdf, 2Mb)

Russian (pdf, 2Mb)

Serbian (pdf, 2Mb)

Spanish (pdf, 2Mb)

Thai (pdf, 800Kb)

Turkish (pdf, 2Mb)