Scaling reusable and refillable systems

Nesquik reusable jug

To eliminate the need for disposable packaging, we are working hard to eliminate non-recyclable plastics and invest in innovative, alternative delivery systems.

  • We are scaling up reusable and refillable options for our Petcare and soluble coffee products, for instance, through collaboration with the start-up company MIWA in Switzerland. Also, in Chile our Purina brand started a pilot for an innovative bulk delivery system for its Purina Dog Chow products in partnership with Algramo.
  • We are rolling out our collaboration with TerraCycle to develop reusable packaging, through the subscription home delivery service Loop. In France we are offering reusable containers for Nesquik cocoa powder, Ricoré chicory and coffee drink, as well as Chocapic Bio cereals in partnership with the French retailer Carrefour and Loop.
  • Dispensers for Nescafé and Milo are already available in many countries around the world.
  • Through Refill+, a water dispenser using state-of-the-art technology, we are enabling consumers to customize sixty-four varieties of water.

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