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Chefs cooking

Enjoy the aromas of worldly meals and menus you'll be proud to serve. Whether you're creating classic favorites or building new and exciting flavors, our food service brands are developed by chefs to bring you high-quality inspiration and ingredients. All to delight your customers' ever-evolving tastebuds.

Chef logo


At Chef, it's our mission to make stocks, sauces and cooking bases as good as the ones chefs make themselves. Created by chefs, for chefs, we've supported professional kitchens across Europe for over 40 years.

We bring the same high standards of scratch-made quality to everything we do. It's all about supporting the restless creativity of chefs, and delivering consistent, no-compromise results from one cover to the next. Just add your own secret ingredients.

Maggi Professional logo

Maggi Professional

Bring the power of Maggi Professional to your kitchen. Maggi Seasoning – our concentrated liquid bouillon – is the base for delicious consommés, soups, sauces and menus. It's been a favorite in professional kitchens since Julius Maggi brought it to the world in 1886.

Today, there's an entire Maggi Professional range for chefs and food service operators, all with the power to enhance and improve the flavor of food. Choose from professional seasonings, noodles, soups, recipe solutions, cold sauces, stocks and more - all in time-saving formats.

Garden Gourmet and Harvest Gourmet logos

Garden Gourmet

From idea to plate, we help you offer the delicious plant-based menu items your customers crave. Our full range of vegan and vegetarian products is developed by chefs, and designed especially for out-of-home.

Discover our culinary goodness in a range that stays ahead of trends. Garden Gourmet solutions keep chefs at the top of their vegetarian and vegan game, giving them the inspiration to create new menu ideas, without ever compromising on taste and texture.


Sweet Earth

Food that's good, in every sense of the word. That's something every food service professional wants to be known for. Enter Sweet Earth, with a range made from plant-based proteins, and bursting with fabulous flavors.

Created in the Sweet Earth kitchen, not a laboratory, explore chef-crafted mouthwatering textures and high-quality, protein-rich ingredients. From breakfast burritos to frozen dinners, Sweet Earth menu items are versatile and easy to enjoy, built on time-honored traditional recipes from around the world.

Kitkat professional logo


We all know it as the world's favorite break. Your customers know and love it in more than 80 countries. Now Nestlé Professional brings the well-loved taste to restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries or on-the-go food service providers.

Choose from a range of delicious products and take your chocolate dessert menu to the next level. Try premium products such as Kitkat Spread – and add Kitkat's unique crunch to toppings or baked creations. Explore the range for new and exciting ways to use Kitkat products – from hot muffins and pancakes to toppings and spreads.



Add a personal touch to your dessert menu with a drizzle of creamy Carnation. We've been bringing a little sweet deliciousness to kitchens for over a century, so you can create a world of meals, beverages and desserts for any occasion.

Nestlé Carnation products are always crowd-pleasers. Whether you're making or baking, topping or mixing, the Carnation range of drizzles and dessert sauces makes desserts more popular than ever. Bring a unique and well-loved flavor to cakes, pies, milk shakes, and smoothies and serve with a smile.

La lechera logo

La Lechera

La Lechera was born in Cantabria, Spain. We've been bringing dairy milk and sweetened condensed milk, yoghurts, dulche de leche and desserts to the world since 1910.

Known for our superior baking ingredients, our products have been a staple for generations. How do you like your La Lechera? Try drizzling onto fruit, or explore tantalizing toppings for baked goods. However you use the range, keep creating sweet moments to share, with our collection of recipes.

Minor's logo


'Taste and flavor mean business' – that's been the Minor's motto since 1951. And we've continued to mean business, and create artisanal flavors, ever since.

Minor's classical reductions offer professional kitchens and chefs the time-saving way to create exceptional dishes – alongside high-quality bases and flavor concentrates. Or try Minor's Drizzles straight out of the bottle to elevate dishes from mouth-watering to mind-blowing. Explore the whole range to wow customers with premium quality and a superior aroma.



Stouffer's frozen dinners bring home-cooking favorites to your customers - without the cooking. Every dish is crafted by our culinary experts using the same quality ingredients you find at home.

There's a Stouffer's meal idea for everyone: from the iconic Stouffer's lasagna, to crowd-pleasing mac and cheese. Explore easy-to-serve possibilities, and choose from our growing range of flavorful, hearty Bowl-FULLS. It's simple, consistent, made-from-scratch flavor - the result of 100 years of delicious food tradition.