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Social media house rules

To maintain an open and constructive discussion on social media, we follow the house rules outlined below. Any comment, reply or post which breaks these rules may be hidden or removed. 

Note that comments posted by visitors don't represent the opinion of Nestlé.

  1. Keep it clean: no indecent or otherwise inappropriate posts.
  2. Play fair: no libelous, defamatory, bullying, harassing, threatening or abusive posts.
  3. Stay on topic: no spam, good luck/chain posts, commercial/promotional posts, nor repeated postings of unconstructive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable comments/statements.
  4. Be original: share video content, links, photographs, and text if you have rights to it; if you don't own it or have permission, don't post it.
  5. Mind your own business: don't invade other's privacy or publicity rights; and don't give out your personal information.
  6. Keep it true and legal: no misleading or deceptive posts; no unlawful purpose or activity posts.
  7. Introduce yourself: if you are affiliated with Nestlé (employee, agency, incentivized blogger/brand ambassador, etc.) and you are posting a comment about our products, be sure to let everyone know about your affiliation.

Comments, replies or posts that breach these rules may be hidden or removed. Users that persistently break the house rules may be blocked from commenting or posting.

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