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We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve net zero by 2050 at the latest.

We take a holistic approach to managing our impact on the environment – joining the dots between climate change and related issues including water stewardship, biodiversity and human rights.


Our progress toward net zero emissions

Renewable electricity sourced in our manufacturing sites at year end

13.58 %
93.4 %
14.7 million

SDG contributions

SDG 7,11,13,14,15


Climate strategy in action

We take a science-based approach to lower emissions across our value chain and help address the impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, communities and food systems. We also work closely with farmers and the communities they serve to help increase the uptake of regenerative agricultural practices.


Access Climate Action performance data

Download our commitments and related KPIs in the CSV Report Appendix: Climate Action (pdf, 19.7Mb)

Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report cover