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Connecting through our brands

People eat plant-based burger


Our brands create experiences and are enjoyed by people around the world.



Crafting the world's favorite drinks

Our Powdered and Liquid Beverages category includes our coffee, cocoa and malt beverage businesses. This category features iconic coffee brands Nescafé, Nespresso and Starbucks, plus the world's most popular chocolate malt drink, Milo.


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Powdered and Liquid Beverages


To meet the evolving trend of healthy nutrition and sustainability among young affluent consumers, Nescafé Gold plant-based lattes arrived in Japan in three variants - Almond, Oat and Japan-exclusive Rice.


This special limited edition offered during peak coffee season will delight Starbucks lovers as well as new consumers with a unique blend of bright, lively Latin American and earthy Indonesian beans.


Limited edition La Cumplida Refinada from agroforestry farms in Nicaragua uses tailored fermentation post-harvest to create a unique, fruity taste while also reducing water consumption.


Addressing the rising demand for plant-based beverages, Milo is now available with almond and soy instead of milk, maintaining its signature taste consumers love.

Developing more sustainable coffee


Farmer in greenhouse

One out of seven cups of coffee consumed around the world is a Nescafé. Behind all these cups are coffee farmers. That's why, in 2010, Nestlé launched the Nescafé Plan to improve farmer's lives. Today, many are benefitting from improved coffee varieties we have provided.

Every year Nescafé directly supports around 100 000 coffee farmers and buys more than 800 000 metric tons of green coffee from over 20 countries. Part of the Nescafé Plan builds on decades of Nestlé research investing in breeding stronger coffee varieties that can better cope with climate change, produce higher yields and improve farmer livelihoods.

USD 750 estimated additional income from coffee beans annually per hectare for coffee farmers in Mexico

These new plant varieties are needed to ensure a sustainable future for coffee growers.

Jaime Cango
Jaime Cango Chief Agronomist, Nestlé Research, Ecuador

Our R&D Center for Plant Science in Tours, France, supports our experimental farms. A comprehensive library of coffee varieties is used by our scientists and breeders to improve resilience, productivity and taste. Following successful local validation and registration, farmers are already benefitting from these improved varieties in Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines and Ecuador.

In 2021, Nestlé's plant research announced a major breakthrough by developing varieties which can produce coffee with lower carbon emissions - two new Robusta varieties with up to 50% higher yields per tree versus standard varieties. Because farmers are able to grow more coffee using the same amount of land, fertilizer and energy, the result is up to a 30% reduction in the carbon footprint of green coffee beans - a win for farmers and the planet.

250 million high-yielding and disease-resistant coffee plantlets distributed since 2010



Bringing pets and people together

Our PetCare business delivers life-changing nutrition for pets alongside expertise for their owners and vets. Purina is guided by science and driven by passion to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them.


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Petcare products


The new Revelations collection adds to the leading Gourmet brand with this innovative perfectly shaped delicate mousse complimented by delicious cascading gravy.


The new Sensitive Skin & Stomach formula offers dogs a combination of high-quality ingredients, live probiotics and prebiotic fiber to nourish skin and coat while supporting digestive health.


One of Purina's fastest growing brands continues to innovate in the super premium nutrition category with the launch of Purina ONE Microbiome containing natural prebiotic fiber to promote gut health.


The leading Felix brand continues to expand across regions. New Felix Fantastic Tiritas, with unique tender cuts marinated in a delicious sauce, launched across Latin America in 2021.

Advancing well-being with science



Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is the first and only cat food that reduces allergens in cat hair and dander, a culmination of more than a decade of Purina research. This groundbreaking approach to cat allergen management has the power to change lives, helping cat owners be closer together with the cats they love.

Managing cat allergens is a struggle for one in five adults worldwide. Sadly, this can limit the interactions between people and their cats. Scientists at Purina are always looking at ways to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them. Their breakthrough innovation was launched in 2020 and, by end of 2021, rolled out to over 20 markets globally.

Pro Plan LiveClear is a 100% complete and balanced dry cat food. When fed daily, it was shown to significantly reduce allergens starting in the third week by an average of 47%. In fact, 97% of cats were shown to have a reduction in the allergens in their hair and dander.

The allergen gets on cat hair from their saliva. The key ingredient in Pro Plan LiveClear is a protein sourced from eggs that safely neutralizes this allergen in the cat's mouth, reducing the level of allergens in their hair and, ultimately, in the environment.

Consumer enthusiasm for Pro Plan LiveClear is evident in high consumer ratings and repurchase rates. Thanks to Nestlé's dedicated scientists, many allergy sufferers are finding that they are able to strengthen the bond with their beloved cats.

Triple digit growth in Pro Plan LiveClear sales in 2021

Purina ProPlan vet diet

Pro Plan CardioCare was launched in 2021 within the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets range, proven to slow the progression of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease (MMVD) in dogs.

As a scientist it is incredibly rewarding to see our research making a difference in people's lives.

Ebenezer Satyaraj
Ebenezer Satyaraj Director Nutrition Science, Nestlé Purina Research, United States



Boosting health through nutrition

Our nutrition business provides science-based products and solutions for mothers, babies and children. Our Nestlé Health Science business empowers healthier lives by offering an extensive portfolio of science-based consumer health, medical nutrition and pharmaceutical products.


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Nutrition and health science products


This new powdered meal replacement offers complete nutrition with higher protein, lower sugar and natural ingredients.


This breakthrough innovation that helps improve brain function by boosting ketones, an alternative energy source for brain cells, is now available in many markets in powder and ready-to-drink.


This new formulation is the first infant cereal with a blend of whole grain gluten-free oats, pulses, veggies and fruits, as well as probiotics, to nourish baby's brain and body.


The latest 5HMO innovation in infant formula is not only leading in nutrition but also protecting the environment with new bio-based lids and scoops made from renewable plant material.

Enhancing health while upcycling


Girl doing yoga on beach

Garden of Life launched the Dr. Formulated MD Protein line in 2021, which includes plant-based and salmon-based options. Besides being good for humans, this certified-carbon neutral product is also good for our planet.

Dr. Formulated MD Protein contains oat beta glucans, a source of soluble fiber that clinical research has shown can have heart-healthy effects by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol. The soluble fiber also helps to promote regularity and may also act as a prebiotic, helping to balance the gut microbiome. The product is specifically designed for people following a Mediterranean diet (MD) rich in vegetables and low in animal protein.

The ancient sprouted barley protein in the plant-based option is upcycled from beer brewing using leftover sprouted and fermented grains that would otherwise be discarded. No additional crops were planted for this protein and the recovered grains originate from farmers using regenerative agricultural practices.

The salmon-based option sources salmon from a sustainable wild-caught fishery in Norway. Garden of Life uses the excess from the high-quality filet cuts destined for restaurants to make the salmon protein powder.

These new protein powders promote health and wellness while contributing to the circular economy. Good for you, good for the planet.

Garden of Life logo

1st supplement company to be certified carbon neutral.

Althéra, Modulen IBD and Peptamen Junior products

In 2021, Nestlé Health Science introduced plant-based lids and scoops for its medical nutrition brands Althéra, Alfaré, Alfamino, Modulen IBD and Peptamen Junior.

Our plant-based innovations stand out in meeting the stringent nutritional requirements of consumers.

Laurence Vernerey
Laurence Vernerey Global Sustainability Manager, Nestlé Health Science, Switzerland



Supporting every kind of chef

Our prepared dishes and cooking aids category provides the daily essentials, including bouillons, chilled culinary products, and frozen food and pizzas. Iconic brands such as Maggi, Stouffer's and DiGiorno cater to regional and local tastes.


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Percentage of Nestlé's sales

Prepared dishes and cooking aids


After a successful pilot in the Netherlands, this innovative new brand launched across France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, allowing more consumers to cook aromatic Middle Eastern food at home.


As delicious as a classic pizza, DiGiorno launched a breakthrough gluten-free crust. Unlike other gluten-free crusts that are thin, this one is hand-tossed, thick and bready.


Fueled by engaging communications alongside a female empowerment campaign, Maggi CukupRasa all-in-one seasoning in Malaysia is experiencing strong consumer interest.


Three new delicious Mindful Chik’n flavors launched in the U.S. market, meeting customer demand for a wide variety of plant-based products that can be substituted for animal-based analogs.

Growing the plant-based food portfolio


Plant-based food

Consumers are increasingly interested in adopting healthier lifestyles that have less impact on the environment. Nestlé is positioned at the forefront of this trend, driving innovation of plant-based food that is nutritious, delicious and sustainable.

Our Garden Gourmet brand has a history of more than 30 years in plant-based meat alternatives, making it a pioneer in this category. Sweet Earth has been providing flavor-forward plant-based ingredients and meals for nearly a decade now.

16.8% growth in plant-based food products in 2021

We innovate the most delicious and nutritious plant-based food so more people fall in love with its goodness.

Anita Reese
Anita Reese Category Lead Plant-Based Meal Solutions, Nestlé R&D, United States

Through these two flagship brands Nestlé offers a variety of plant-based prepared foods and ingredients to delight consumers and out-of-home diners. We are also advancing plant-based options of people's favorite meals across our legacy brands, such as DiGiorno, Maggi and Wagner, and inspiring cooks with plant-based flavor solutions. We continuously innovate to meet demand from the increasing number of flexitarian consumers, driving growth of our business.​

We launched numerous new plant-based products in 2021, while also witnessing incredible growth from previous launches - most notably with Garden Gourmet Vuna, the plant-based tuna alternative. New to the Garden Gourmet portfolio are vEGGie and Vrimp, egg and shrimp replacements offering authentic texture and flavor as well as good nutrition.

DiGiorno, Wagner Rustipani and Maggi products

Among the plant-based options launched in 2021 are DiGiorno pizza with Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, Wagner Rustipani flatbread with vegetarian filet and Maggi Veg Atta spinach noodles.



Offering options for everyone

Our milk products business delivers nutritional products for all stages of life, ambient dairy, plant-based alternatives and coffee creamers. Our ice cream business offers a variety of special treats.


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Percentage of Nestlé's sales

Milk products and Ice cream


Coffee mate natural bliss has extended further into the plant-based creamer category with new flavors, including Brown Sugar Oat Milk, which are not only delicious but also all natural.


This new single-serve dairy-based beverage is affordably priced to help lower-income families in Kenya address nutritional deficiencies and support immunity with iron, zinc and vitamins.


Three delicious new flavors in the Divine collection offer the same irresistible creaminess that Häagen-Dazs fans know and love with 50% less fat, 25% less sugar and fewer than 200 calories per serving.


Ninho Forti+ provides essential micronutrients and fiber for school-aged children, positively impacting 30 million children in Brazil in 2021.

Promoting healthy aging


Two Asian women having a jog

There is growing interest worldwide in nutritional health solutions. In China, Nestlé recently launched its first two Blue Hat-certified functional foods, Yiyang Mobility and Yiyang Immunity, addressing two key health concerns among those middle-aged and older. Blue Hat certification is only given to health foods approved via official registration.

Helping middle-aged and elderly people face the process of aging with science-backed daily protective nutrition is the original purpose of Nestlé's Yiyang brand. National health awareness in China has accelerated momentum behind the health and wellness market with growing public recognition that prevention is better than cure.

Yiyang Mobility is a glucosamine milk powder with calcium, vitamin D3 and high-quality protein that supports bone health, muscle strength and joint functionality. Research by Nestlé and Peking University Third Hospital found the product to improve mobility and reduce joint discomfort.

Yiyang Immunity is the first protein powder with added probiotics in the Chinese market. The formula adds Lactobacillus rhamnosus to whey and soy proteins, enhancing the immunity of middle-aged and elderly people.

The new products not only align with Nestlé's focus on healthy aging, but also create shared value. Manufacturing at the Heilongjiang province production line has a positive impact on sustainable development for the local communities.

Yiyang Mobility and Yiyang Immunity products

Yiyang senior nutrition, launched in 2002, has grown by a factor of 13 over the past 13 years. Two new super premium formulations recently joined the collection: Yiyang Mobility in 2020 and Yiyang Immunity in 2021.

Molico products

In Brazil, Molico offers a complete range of adult nutrition solutions addressing health concerns from digestion to heart and bone health. In 2021, smaller affordable formats were launched.

We have heard from many seniors who prefer Yiyang Mobility milk powder drink over glucosamine pills.

Xiaopei Shen
Xiaopei Shen Marketing Manager of Dairy, Nestlé China



Providing that singular delight

Our confectionery business includes the iconic KitKat brand and a portfolio of much loved regional and local brands. The business innovates to create premium chocolate products and nutritious snacks.


At a glance

Sales (in CHF billion)

UTOP margin

Percentage of Nestlé's sales

Confectionery products


This wholegrain cereal-based range is resonating strongly with consumers in Israel by delivering great tasting cookies, crackers and crisps.


Smarties achieved the milestone of removing all plastic packaging from its range, the first and only global chocolate brand to be wrapped entirely in paper.


Continuing to build on the success of the brand in China, the recently launched Shark Nuts version with an indulgent chocolate and nuts coating has had an excellent year.


The two leading brands in Brazil, Nestlé with its milky chocolate and Garoto with its strong cocoa flavor, are experiencing increased interest from consumers.

Innovating chocolate for emerging trends



After much anticipation (and many requests on social media) Nestlé is now making plant-based dreams come true with the launch of KitKat V, the vegan version of the iconic KitKat. KitKat V offers the same perfect balance between crispy wafer and smooth chocolate that people know and love.

Innovation at Nestlé - whether with a new brand or novel formulation of an existing brand - is frequently driven by an evolution in customer preferences. More people are seeking out plant-based alternatives in their diets but still want to indulge in their beloved KitKat. Our chocolate scientists were able to make that happen.

KitKat V was developed at the original home of KitKat: Nestlé's Confectionery Research and Development Center in York, United Kingdom. By combining Nestlé's expertise in chocolate innovation and non-dairy alternatives, our experts managed to perfectly blend the smooth chocolate with a rice-based alternative, resulting in the great-tasting, no compromise, certified vegan KitKat V.

KitKat V is made from 100% certified or verified cocoa sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, for better farming, better lives and better cocoa.

In 2021, KitKat V landed on shelves in Australia, Brazil, several EU countries, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Other countries will follow in 2022.

50.6% sustainable cocoa in confectionery at end of 2021 (100% target for 2025)

Nestlé l'atelier incoa chocolate

Les Recettes de l'Atelier Incoa is 100% cocoa fruit, naturally sweetened by cocoa pulp. This proprietary innovation rolled out in 2021 offers dark chocolate lovers an authentic, pure cocoa experience.

We used our expertise in ingredients together with a test-and-learn approach to create a delicious vegan alternative.

Louise Barrett
Louise Barrett Head of Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Center, United Kingdom



Satisfying thirst and more

Our water business is dedicated to providing healthy hydration, enhancing quality of life and contributing to a sustainable future. The strategic focus is on international premium and mineral water brands as well as healthy hydration products.


At a glance

Sales (in CHF billion)

UTOP margin

Percentage of Nestlé's sales

Water products


The effervescent spirit of Perrier mineral water powered with plant-based caffeine from organic green coffee and yerba mate extracts provides a low-calorie boost of energy in three delicious natural flavors.


This special luxury bottle has a QR code to bring water to life through augmented reality, allowing consumers to share fine dining experiences while tagging their favorite restaurant (#supportrestaurant).


Artwork design reflecting the unique beauty of Vietnam's 100 natural wonders adorns La Vie water bottles, created in cooperation with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.


Nestlé Pure Life and local Nestlé Waters brands Levissima, Naleczowianka and Henniez are now offering a natural water-based beverage enhanced with zinc to hydrate and build immunity.

Meeting demand for functional water


Woman holding Essentia bottle of water

Nestlé acquired Essentia in March 2021 as part of the continued transformation of our global water business to focus on international premium and mineral water brands and healthy hydration products. Essentia pioneered ionized alkaline water more than twenty years ago and is leading in that space.

Essentia is the #1 alkaline water brand and the #1 selling bottled water brand in the U.S. natural channel. It is sold in more than 100 000 U.S. retail locations.

Essentia uses a unique, proprietary three-step process. The process begins with purification through reverse osmosis, making the water 99.9% pure. This is followed by the infusion of a proprietary mineral blend in trace amounts, formulated to complement the body’s natural mix. Finally, the ionization process removes bitter-tasting acidic ions, which results in a water with a pH of 9.5 or higher, delivering a clean, smooth taste.

Essentia is CarbonNeutral certified for packaging under The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading global standard for carbon-neutral programs.

Essentia gives Nestlé an immediate strong presence in the high-growth, functional water segment and supports efforts to capture opportunities with emerging consumer trends such as healthy hydration. Essentia also brings a strong, passionate following of influencers known as 'Essentia Nation' that includes high-profile athletes and celebrities.

Essentia water

In 2021, Essentia launched a new 2 gallon (7.57 liter) bag-in-box format with recycled and recyclable corrugate and 80% less plastic than bottles.

2021 has been an incredible year for growth and innovation at Essentia. We have a bright future ahead.

Zola Kane
Zola Kane Chief Marketing Officer, Essentia, United States


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