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Connecting through our brands

Mother and daughter with Ninho brand


Through our products and brands, we connect with people and their pets millions of times a day and throughout their lives. Our brands are our vehicles for creating experiences beyond products.


Powdered and Liquid Beverages

Powdered and Liquid Beverages covers our coffee, cocoa and malt beverage and tea categories. This business features iconic coffee brands, including Nescafé, Nespresso and Starbucks. It also includes Milo, the world’s most popular chocolate malt drink.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 23.2 billion

UTOP: 22.4%

25% of Nestlé's sales


Nutrition and Health Science

Our nutrition business is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative, science-based nutrition for mothers and infants. The business has built a portfolio that includes billionaire brands such as NAN, illuma, Cerelac and Gerber. Our Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) business also works to empower healthier lives through nutrition. It has an extensive portfolio of science-based medical nutrition and consumer health products with an increasing focus on personalization.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 15.0 billion

UTOP: 22.1%

16% of Nestlé's sales



Our Purina PetCare portfolio includes some of the world’s best-known brands of dog and cat foods, including Pro Plan, Purina ONE, Gourmet and Merrick. As pioneers, Purina nutritionists, behaviorists and veterinarians continually develop innovative solutions that create richer lives for pets and the people who love them.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 13.6 billion

UTOP: 21.4%

15% of Nestlé's sales


Milk products and ice cream

Our Milk products business provides individuals and families with nutritional products essential to healthy diets for all stages of life, from early childhood to old age. The business covers several categories, including ambient dairy, plant-based milks and coffee creamers. Our portfolio includes market-leading brands, such as Nido and Coffee mate. In Ice cream we have a wide range of delicious, indulgent products with brands such as Häagen Dazs and Outshine.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 13.3 billion

UTOP: 20.4%

14% of Nestlé's sales


Prepared dishes and cooking aids

Our Prepared dishes and cooking aids category contains a wide range of daily staples, from bouillons, soups, ambient and chilled culinary products to frozen food and pizzas. We have iconic brands, including Maggi, Stouffer’s and DiGiorno that cater to regional and local tastes and nutritional attitudes. We are committed to transforming our product portfolio with further natural, tasty and healthy ingredients that appeal to diverse consumer diets.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 12.2 billion

UTOP: 17.8%

13% of Nestlé's sales



Our Confectionery business includes the iconic KitKat brand and a portfolio of much loved regional and local brands. Within both chocolate and biscuit categories, we aim to surpass consumer expectations with great tasting products. The business focuses on innovation, premiumization and improving the sustainability and nutrition profile of our products.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 7.9 billion

UTOP: 16.9%

9% of Nestlé's sales



Our Waters business is dedicated to providing healthy hydration in many markets worldwide. Our portfolio includes Nestlé Pure Life, one of the world’s biggest bottled water brands, and our international premium brands S.Pellegrino, Perrier and Acqua Panna. Sustainability is fully embedded in our innovations and we premiumize our range with functional, flavored and carbonated offerings.


At a glance

Sales: CHF 7.4 billion

UTOP: 11.4%

8% of Nestlé's sales


The Annual Report contains our Annual Review including Creating Shared Value highlights, the Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports and our Financial Statements