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Investor FAQs

The Nestlé S.A. shares are traded at SIX Swiss Exchange.

The ticker symbol of the Nestlé S.A. share is NESN, and the ISIN is CH 003 886 335 0

Purchase, sell orders and registration of shares should be dealt with your bank or stockbroker. If you have any questions about shares, you may contact our Share Transfer Office:

Nestlé S.A.
Share Transfer Office
Zugerstrasse 8
6330 Cham
Phone: +41 41 785 2020
Fax: +41 41 785 2024
Email: [email protected]

The ticker symbol for the Nestlé share is NESN
The ISIN is CH 003 886 335 0

A Nestlé Treasury Share is a share of Nestlé S.A. owned by Nestlé S.A. or its subsidiaries.

According to Swiss company law, a corporation is entitled to acquire its own shares only if its unrestricted capital surplus is at least equal to the amount of funds necessary for the acquisition and the aggregate per value of these shares does not exceed 10 percent of the capital stock.

The number of registered shareholders amount to approximately 160’000. If unprocessed applications for registration, the indirect holders of shares under American Depositary Receipts and the beneficial owners of shareholders registered as nominees are also taken into account, the total number of shareholders probably exceeds 250'000.

Nestlé SA’s credit rating is as follows:
The long term rating is AA- (stable outlook) by Standard & Poor's and Aa3 (stable outlook) with Moody's.
The short term rating is A1+ by Standard & Poor's and P1 with Moody's.

The last stock splits have been:
- June 30, 2008 split of 1:10 (1 old share = 10 new shares)
- June 11, 2001 split of 1:10 (1 old share = 10 new shares)
- September 1, 1992 split of 1:10 (1 old share = 10 new shares)

The Annual Review and other communication to investors contain certain financial performance measures, that are not defined by IFRS, that are used by management to assess the financial and operational performance of the Group, including Organic growth, Real internal growth, Pricing and Trading operating profit margin. A detailed explanation of these measures can be found in the Alternative Performance Measures document, available in Publications.

The goal of the 1:10 split was to increase the liquidity of the shares.

The nominal value of the shares is CHF 0.10 each. Furthermore, the ratio between ordinary shares and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) is being changed to 1:1, effective from July 3, 2008.

The share capital of Nestlé S.A. is CHF 267’000’000, divided into 2’670’000’000 fully paid-up registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.10 each.

The nominal value is CHF 0.10.

If your shares are deposited with a bank, you will receive a statement at the end of the year or you can check your holding at any time by contacting your adviser at the bank or your stockbroker.

Dividends, upon approval by the Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM), are paid once a year. The dividend payment date is set by the Board of Directors, and is usually a few trading days after the AGM.

The Swiss VAT number of Nestlé is CHE-116.281.710 TVA.

If you are tax resident in a country with which Switzerland has concluded a double tax treaty, in most cases you can recover a portion (but not all) of the Swiss withholding tax, by filing. If you are tax resident in a country with which Switzerland has not concluded a double tax treaty, in principle you cannot recover the Swiss withholding tax at all. For further information please see the Swiss Federal Tax Administration's website (in English).

As a shareholder registered with voting rights in the share register, if you do not wish to attend the General Meeting in person, you can be represented by

- the independent representative (pursuant to article 689c of the Swiss Code of Obligations)
- another shareholder
- by a third party.


1 ADR represents 1 Swiss share.

Shares of “Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Co” – one of the two founding companies of Nestlé - were first quoted in the Zurich Stock Exchange on March 17, 1873. Following the merger between “Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co” and “SA Henri Nestlé”, the shares of “Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co.” were listed on 25 October 1905 at the Zurich Stock Exchange (now SIX Swiss Exchange).


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