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Delicious and nutritious plant-based foods
for a plant-based lifestyle

You, plant-based and the planet

Studies have shown that up to 40% of people are already moving to a diet with less or even no animal products. It's one of the most effective ways any of us can help fight climate change.

At Nestlé we offer plant-based choices all the way from seafood alternatives right through to the Vegan KitKat. The products you see on the shelves today are the result of our many years of experience and expertise in plant proteins - and the innovation never stops. It's part of our commitment to bring great products to everyone, from lifelong vegans and vegetarians, through to people simply looking to eat more plant-based foods. You can find our plant-based products across many markets around the world, including in United States, Latin America, China, South East Asia, Europe and more.

Vuna burger
Maggi soya chunks


KitKat V


Plant-based for every taste

We all know Carnation, Nescafé, and Starbucks at Home - but did you realize our iconic brands already offer a huge range of plant-based alternatives? There's more - much more - thanks to the global network of 300 food experts and chefs working on our plant-based portfolio.

For example, Sensational VUNA is a groundbreaking tuna alternative made from just six natural ingredients - and helping to tackle overfishing with every bite. 

And when people asked for a vegan version of their favorite snack, we created KitKat V - again proving that our established brands take plant-based seriously too.