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Employees drinking coffee at work

With 275 000 employees around the world, Nestlé is truly a global company.
Our products are sold in 188 countries, and we operate more than 340 factories in 77 countries.

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Asia and Oceania


Asia & Oceania is a region of astounding diversity and limitless possibilities. Spanning two continents and many different time zones, the region is a patchwork of cuisines, cultures and religious backgrounds.

Our presence in the region began in 1908 with an office in Sydney, Australia. Today, one third of our employees representing over 110 nationalities are based in the region, where we operate 97 factories and an R&D center in Singapore that plays a key role in developing innovative products and technologies. We also have different Business Service Centers there that provide key services on IT, procurement and recruitment to the Nestlé Group. Brands such as such as Maggi, Milo, Nescafé and Bear Brand have become iconic household brands in the region for different generations.

Nestlé Asia and Oceania is focused on sustainability and has adopted recyclable or reusable packaging, improved resource efficiency and invested in renewable energy. The region is also committed to upskilling 400,000 young people, helping them develop the skills and resilience they need to be successful in the workplace.


Our local brands include
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Some of our locations

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Nestlé is a safe workplace where people are the priority. I really enjoy working at Nestlé because of the work culture where everyone respects each other.

Cosmas Project Engineer, Indonesia



Nestlé originated in Europe, starting in Switzerland in 1867.

Today, we operate in 50+ different countries across the continent, employing over 80,000 employees who work with iconic brands such as KitKat, Nescafé, Nespresso, Purina, S.Pellegrino and Maggi. We operate 100 different factories across the European continent, working closely with thousands of farmers and communities.

Our Research Centre in Switzerland is part of a network of R&D centers spread across the world that help us to stay at the forefront of food innovation. We also have Business Services Centers in Lviv, Ukraine, and Lisbon, Portugal that support Nestlé entities across the world with services such as accounting, social media and website development. 

We champion sustainability and fully support the European Union's ambition to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world - we're on our way to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 


Our local brands include
Europe brands

Some of our locations

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Each step in my career with Nestlé was associated with different challenges, each gave me confidence and energy to continue, but the most important things have always remained the same – company values and cooperation with exceptional people around the world, which often turned into long – lasting friendship.

The advantage of Nestlé as a big company is that you can start your career as a graduate on a position that you will enjoy and if not, you will find out what else you would rather do. Afterwards you can move into the desired direction and gain more experience.

My work has given me the opportunity to meet colleagues who have become my lifelong friends over the years. It is the great team, the inspirational management and the brand identity that push me further every year and I look forward to the next challenges that are yet ahead of me.

North America


Nestlé North America comprises our operations in the USA and Canada. In both countries, we employ 33,000 people and have 105 facilities in 34 states and provinces, including three research centers covering R&D, health science and pet care. We have operated in North America since the late 19th century. Today, North America is our largest market globally, with sales of over CHF 28 billion.

Our biggest categories in the region are pet care, meals, pizza & snacking, coffee and beverages. We are in 97% of US households, with iconic brands that include Nestlé Toll House, DiGiorno, Purina, Nesquik, Stouffer’s, Coffee mate, Sweet Earth, Starbucks Coffee and S.Pellegrino among many others.

Nestlé North America is committed to unlocking the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. We are transforming our product portfolio by focusing on high-growth categories that meet changing consumer needs - including pet care, coffee, premium bottled water, consumer health and infant nutrition. 


Our local brands include
North America brand logos

Some of our locations

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Sustainability matters to me. I'm passionate about working on projects that will improve the planet for generations to come. One thing that's been consistent as I've developed my career is the support of my peers, managers, and mentors. I've advocated for myself along the way, and the willingness of my colleagues at Nestlé to help me achieve my goals has been incredibly encouraging.

Sustainability is a topic that I am very passionate about. I had the opportunity to collaborate internally and externally towards Nestlé's sustainability commitments and contribute to my business unit's sustainability strategy. I am happy to see the continued progress Nestlé is making to transform the portfolio to include more products and solutions that are good for the planet.

Together, Nestlé USA employees are transforming the company into a large-scale disrupter in the industry. That's a team I'm proud to create with, to iterate with, and to disrupt with.

Latin America


Nestlé is present in 11 markets in Latin America, where we employ 53,000 people. In many of the countries where we operate, Nestlé's long heritage means our businesses are woven into the local fabric. We're trusted by local consumers, and we are also major buyers of the region's abundant commodities including coffee, cocoa and milk.

Our Latin America business operates almost 80 factories, where our people work with a wide range of products across the coffee, dairy, food and confectionery categories. Key brands that we sell in the region include La Lechera, Abuelita, Nescau, D'nofrio, Mahler, Mucilon, Milo, Nature's Heart and Sahne-Nuss. Our Mexican and Brazilian operations belong to Nestlé's top 10 biggest markets by turnover. We also operate Regional R&D Centre based in Santiago, Chile, to better support our LATAM markets and to fuel them with locally relevant innovations.

Nestlé Latin America is committed to driving diversity, equity and inclusion. We support local communities and provide youth development opportunities, and are champions of sustainability, from 'farm to fork' and beyond.


Our local brands include
Latin America brand logos

Some of our locations

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My experience as a Nestlé employee has been very positive; from the beginning, when I applied, until today, where I have been able to carry out my work in a comfortable and safe way, because the tools for it are there. I thank the company for being inclusive, for providing essential support, and because anyone with a disability can work for the company.

My experience as a Trainee at Nestlé has had ups and downs. This has helped me gain a lot of knowledge and experiences to train myself as a professional and as a person. This, thanks to the support I have found in each area in which I have rotated.

Middle East and Africa


Nestlé's heritage in the Middle East and Africa goes back over 100 years to when we first distributed infant cereals in Egypt. The region is characterized by a wide diversity of cultures, languages and religions. It is seeing rapid population growth and accelerated urbanization, which offers exciting opportunities to our business and colleagues there. 

Our operations in Middle East and Africa are divided into three different businesses, which together consist of over 60 countries: Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Central & West Africa (CWAR) and East & Southern Africa (ESAR). Today, we employ more than 23,000 employees and operate over 40 factories across the region. We also run an R&D Centre in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, that focuses on improving the quality of local agricultural produce and developing high quality products for consumers. 

Our portfolio in the region includes dairy, coffee and beverages, infant nutrition, petcare, confectionery and breakfast cereals. Major brands include Coffee-Mate, KitKat, Maggi, Nestlé Fitness, Nestlé Pure Life, Optifast, and Purina Friskies. An important priority in the region is Popularly Positioned Products (PPP): nutritious, high-quality and affordable products that are fortified to help tackle hunger and malnutrition.


Our local brands include
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Some of our locations

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I have the unique and special opportunity to make a difference for good, sharing practical, reliable and up-to-date information via brand and unbranded nutrition solutions with HCPs that saves lives and ensures generations from my neighborhood to all ESARians and the rest of the world babies, may have the opportunity to reach their full potential! It's a life and work of purpose!

I love working for Nestlé because of the work culture: colleagues become like family. It's more than just working, it's learning on the job, developing my skillset and leveraging my strengths.

Greater China


Nestlé's Greater China region comprises mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan, and is headquartered in Beijing. This zone is Nestlé's second largest market and is one of the fastest-moving food and beverage markets in the world.

The company's history in the region can be traced back to our beginnings as a condensed milk company in Hong Kong in 1874. We opened our first office in Shanghai in 1908. Since opening our first factory in 1980, in Heilongjiang Province, today we operate 22 factories, three R&D Centers and five product innovation centers. We currently employ 26,000 colleagues in Greater China region, where over 90% of Nestlé products sold are manufactured locally. Local brands are, among others, Totole, Hsu Fu Chi and Haoji, and global brands include Nescafé, Gerber, Purina, S.Pellegrino and Maggi.

Nestlé Greater China supports local agriculture, building dairy facilities in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province and Laixi, Shandong Province, and assisting coffee plantation in Puer, Yunnan Province. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is underlined by the fact that 52% of positions in our Greater China Region are held by women.


Our local brands include
Greater China brand logos