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A wealth of opportunities within a truly global environment
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With around 270,000 employees, our products sold in 186 countries, and the world's largest food and nutrition research organization, Nestlé has the global resources and local know-how to make positive impact at scale.

Our long-standing presence in many of these countries means that we're often considered part of the local fabric. Find out more about Nestlé in your area.



Asia & Oceania


Asia & Oceania is a region of astounding diversity and limitless possibilities. Spanning three continents and 15 different time zones, the region is a patchwork of cuisines, cultures and religious backgrounds. One-third of our employees are based in the region, where we operate 97 factories.

With a presence going back a century in the region (and a team that boasts over 110 nationalities), Nestlé has established itself as an iconic household brand with renowned food and beverage brands such as Milo, Nido, Maggi, and Bear Brand.




Our local brands include

Milo Nido Bear Brand Maggi logos



Africa and middle east


Africa and Middle East


The Africa and Middle East region is home to a wide array of cultures and nationalities. Straddling two continents – Africa and Asia – the densely populated region is diverse, vibrant and dynamic, presenting attractive growth opportunities for Nestlé.

With the region stretching from Morocco to the West, across the entire African continent, through to the Middle East and into the Persian Gulf to the East, our Nestlé colleagues hail from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds – a diversity that we're proud of.

Some of the brands we produce in the region include Maggi, Nestlé Cerelac, Nestlé Pure Life, Nescafé and the new Kit Kat Lotus.




Our local brands include

Cerelac Pure Life Nespresso KitKat logos







Nestlé originated in Europe: Our business started in 1867 in Switzerland. Today, we operate in 39 different countries across the continent.

Our workforce of over 80 000+ employees are all dedicated to delighting consumers with our iconic brands such as KitKat, Nescafé, Nespresso, Purina, S.Pellegrino and Maggi – to name just but a few.

We operate 100 different factories scattered across the European continent, working closely with thousands of farmers and communities. Our Nestlé Research Centre, located in Switzerland, forms part of broader network of R&D centers spread across the world – helping us to stay at the very forefront of food innovation. We have 4 000 people involved in R&D across 23 locations worldwide.

We champion sustainability and fully support the European Union's ambition to become the first climate neutral continent in the world – we're on our way to achieve net zero green gas emissions by 2050.




Our local brands include

Maggi Nescfé Purina S.Pellegrino logos







In 2020, the Nestlé Group generated almost half of its global sales in the Americas – the region is home to four of our ten biggest markets.

We've been active in this vibrant region for more than 150 years. In many of these countries, our businesses are woven into the local fabric owing to our long-standing presence there.

Our business in the Americas employs more than one-third of our employees globally, and we operate more than 150 factories in the region. Many of our brands have become pantry staples: Nescafé, Purina and Gerber are just a few of the many brands that our consumers know and love.




Our local brands include

Purina Coffee mate Stouffer's Starbucks logos