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Nestlé Ventures: investing to drive innovation

We complement our own research and development capabilities with those of external researchers, startups and other partners to bring innovative products and services to market more quickly. As part of our open innovation approach, we also invest into startup companies and organizations through venture capital (VC). We have a long track record of leveraging VC investing to help us to stay on top of the latest food industry trends. Today, we focus on three investment pillars - health science, innovation and sustainability - to drive new business and support our path to Net Zero, with businesses and technologies that can be deployed across our value chain.

Through VC funding, we provide catalytic capital to support pioneering ideas on their launch and growth journey. Our investment strategy is predominantly based on a fund of funds approach, where we invest in VC funds with a proven track record and industry expertise.

Our VC investments are focused on three areas:

Health science Innovation Sustainability
  • Supporting healthier lives through research in the science of nutrition and where it impacts human health and disease
  • Finding next-generation solutions for food allergies
  • Furthering scientific research into nutritional solutions for metabolic health issues and gastrointestinal conditions
  • Supporting food technologies, that will help us expand our portfolio and drive new business
  • Further building innovative brands and new business models, like direct-to-consumer, or personalized nutrition
  • Supporting new, disruptive brands
  • Helping farmers and suppliers make the transition to regenerative agriculture, as part of our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050
  • Promoting packaging solutions and recycling infrastructure that contribute to circular economies, as part of our commitment to making 100% of our packaging designed for recycling by 2025
The Nestlé Health Science Venture Capital fund The Nestlé Innovation fund The Nestlé Sustainability fund