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Empowering healthier lives through nutrition

In 2011, we founded Nestlé Health Science on our belief that nutrition has the power to change lives. Across the spectrum of health, individuals can find an improved quality of life through nutrition products rooted in science.

Working with a global network of healthcare providers, researchers, and other experts, we uncover important advances in medical nutrition, active lifestyle nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.

Our aim is clear: to help people around the world maintain and improve their health. Whether they need to fill nutritional gaps, support an already healthy lifestyle, or find specific nourishment or pharmaceuticals for a medical condition, we can help them live healthier.

Active lifestyle nutrition

The right nutritional supplements can support an active lifestyle at any stage of life. As a global leader in the science of lifestyle nutrition, every one of our products is rooted in science, and rigorously tested to deliver the right results.

We provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and supplements to help you boost good health or make a positive lifestyle change. No matter your motivation, we believe the right nutrition can be life-changing.

Medical nutrition

Our medical nutrition range is built around a simple belief: the right nutrition can be life-changing.

We provide nutritional solutions that support people with certain medical conditions or illnesses to maintain or improve their health. Infants and children with food allergies, children who are tube-fed, critical-care hospital patients, and many more – we create products that help people live better.


Our expertise in pharma focuses on developing pharmaceutical therapies to prevent, manage and treat diseases related to food allergies, gastrointestinal intolerance, and patient metabolism.

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