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Start your Nestlé journey

start your Nestlé journey

We want to make your job application journey with Nestlé as smooth and straightforward as possible.



Find your role and apply

We post all our opportunities here on the Nestlé careers website. If you find a position that fits your interests and experience, this is where your journey starts. Create an account on our website and you’re good to get going.

CV screening

Share your credentials

Your CV or résumé is your chance to showcase your best professional self, and your suitability for the role you are applying for. As well as telling us that you have the experience and qualifications for the job, it should also explain your career history, why you made your choices and what you’ve achieved.


Initial interview

Talk to a recruiter

If our recruitment team identifies you as a good match for the opportunity you have applied for, they will get in touch with you for an initial interview. This is a conversation designed to help us understand your interests, experience and motivation, and it is an opportunity for you to get a deeper understanding of the role you are applying for.

Hiring manager interview

Meet a manager

The next stage is likely to be an interview, either online or face-to-face, with the manager who’s hiring for your role. Here, we’ll be looking to see how you fit with the department and the role. You’ll also have a chance to know more about Nestlé from the inside.


Show us your skills and preferences

For some roles we use evaluations to get to know you better. These might assess your cognitive abilities, such as numeric or logical reasoning, or help us understand your learning preferences, natural strengths and aspirations. Depending on the role, you might also be asked to do a case study or practical test. The nature and timing of the evaluation will vary depending on the role you are applying to, and it will be clearly explained to you beforehand.

Final interview

Get to know the broader team

An invitation to this interview means you’ve been successful in all the stages so far. We bring together different stakeholders to make sure you’re the best fit for the role – you might meet the team you’ll be working with. It's a chance for you to get to know more people at Nestlé – and to be sure that we’re a good fit for you, too.

Final step


Time for us to celebrate!

Congratulations! We are excited to have you become part of the Nestlé team. Soon you will receive your offer details and be guided to begin your onboarding process so you can transition smoothly into your new role.


Do your research

Understand who we are and what we stand for and learn about the functional area and part of the business you are interested in.


Tailor your CV/résumé to the specific role you are applying for. Show off your strengths and achievements, explaining how they will make you successful in this role. If you have a social profile online, make sure it’s up to date and reflects who you are.


We encourage you to speak to your recruiter beforehand to ensure you are comfortable and confident about the interview.

Be yourself

We want to get to know you just as you are. The more open and forthright you are, the better.

Identify what defines you

What will you bring to Nestlé? Think about your skills and strengths and how you will add value to our team.

Trust yourself

We’re looking for the best. If you believe that you have the experience and skills we need, we want to meet you.

Although it may differ slightly depending on the role and where it is based, your process is likely to include the stages on this page.