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Nestlé headquarters

General views of the Nestlé headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, situated on Lake Geneva.
Length: 00:02:03
Size: 530 MB


Nestlé products in a shop

Various shots of Nestlé products in a shop.
Length: 0:02:34
Size: 1044 MB


Nespresso Boutique Paris

Various shots of a Nespresso boutique in Paris.
Length: 0:02:10
Size: 1075 MB


KitKat V Hamburg

Footage from the production line of KitKat V at Nestlé's factory in Hamburg, Germany.
Length: 00:02:15
Size: 312 MB



KitKat V PTC York

Footage from the production for the test launch of KitKat V in 2021 at Nestlé's Confectionery Product Technology Center in York.
Length: 00:00:42
Size: 80 Mb



Nescafé Dolce Gusto Neo

Footage of Nescafé Dolce Gusto Neo home-compostable pods on the production line, as well as packaging and building shots.
Length: 00:03:58
Size: 864 MB



Smarties in recyclable paper packaging

The popular Smarties brand is now using recyclable paper packaging for its confectionery products worldwide.
Length: 00:03:40
Size: 765 MB



Nestlé 'PB Triple Play' plant-based 'bacon cheeseburger'

Nestlé has developed vegan alternatives to cheese and bacon, designed to complement its existing plant-based burger patties.
Length: 00:01:46
Size: 1.3 GB


Nestlé Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Various shots of Nestlé Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
Length: 0:05:09
Size: 470 MB


Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

Researchers analyzing the biomolecules from clinical samples.
Length: 0:07:32
Size: 1720 MB


Supporting regenerative agriculture

We work closely with farmers, suppliers and communities where we operate to source our ingredients in a way that generates positive environmental and social impacts.
Length: 0:01:44
Size: 16.6 MB


Rethinking our operations

Achieving net zero emissions will involve big changes to the way we make our products.
Length: 0:00:19
Size: 38.2 MB


Transforming our product portfolio

Using our know-how and resources, we will transform our portfolio with products that are 'good for you and good for the planet'.
Length: 0:02:02
Size: 19.4 MB

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