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People around the world appreciate our brands' local spring water, purified water, and natural mineral water. Not just for the taste, but for the unique places that they come from.

buxton logo

Buxton Natural Mineral Water started its journey more than 5,000 years ago as rain falling on the hills of the Derbyshire Peak District. After finding its way through a mile of ancient rock, it rushes back to the surface in the historic spa town of Buxton as pure, natural British mineral water.

As the UK's largest natural mineral water brand, Buxton is encouraging to Rise Up Recycle and close the circle on recycling - majority of our bottles are recyclable and made of recycled plastic. Our state-of-the-art factory in Buxton was built with sustainability at its core and is powered by renewable electricity. Our pioneering water stewardship work achieved the prestigious Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification with platinum status, the highest level possible.

Still or sparkling? However you want your refreshment, Buxton got something for you. 

erikli logo

Turkey's leading water brand, Erikli, has a unique taste nurtured by the winds on the snowy peaks of Mount Uludağ. The water gushes froth, from the protected peaks of the pristine Uludağ mountain over 2300m, filtered through age old rocks to connect unique balance of rich minerals forming soft and pure taste.

This pure taste pours right from the heart of nature into Erikli bottles. To preserve this purity, we've made great strides in our sustainability journey so far. Our We Need to Protect initiative aims to preserve the natural heritage, richness and biodiversity of Uludağ. Erikli is also part of Nestlé's global ambition to make its packaging reusable or recyclable.

This is only the beginning. We're working to make Erikli even more sustainable and in-tune with nature. As part of that commitment, both Erikli sites will be certified by the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

levissima logo

One of Italy's favorite waters, Levissima delivers the strength and purity of the mountain to everyday life. Created by nature, Levissima mineral water flows pure from high-altitude springs in the Central Alps.

Such a pure gift from the mountains must be respected and preserved. That's why Levissima is on a regeneration mission, with the aim to promote a circular economy that encourages responsible use of resources and a culture of recycling.

Levissima is also working to help create a positive impact within communties' life, starting from its territory with concrete action on glacier and biodiversity preservation.

vittel logo

Vittel natural mineral water emerges from deep in the lush natural environment of France's Vosges Hills, where the rocks provide its unique mineral content. For more than 150 years it has refreshed the body and mind to help people make the most of every moment.

For nearly 30 years, Vittel has been working on preserving biodiversity. By bringing together farmers, municipalities, companies, and citizens, Vittel is working to reconcile human activity and environmental protection. We aime to preserve and develop natural ecosystems at the Vittel source and beyond to achieve biodiversity - including responsible and sustainable management of water resources. In the wider world, we are developing alternatives to plastic and investing in the circular economy to sustainably manage our packaging.

contrex logo

The natural mineral water of Contrex is famous, thanks to its unique mineral composition. Its purity and natural mineral-richness can help recharge your body with calcium and magnesium - providing essential benefits that have been recognized by the Academy of Medicine for more than 100 years. The source was discovered by Charles Bagard, the first doctor of Louis XV.

Born from an underground deposit, naturally protected by impermeable rocks of clay and marl, the water travels a long underground path through the plain of the Vosges (France). Within this territory we take protection measures to prevent urban, industrial, or agricultural pollution, allowing the water to naturally take on precious minerals: calcium (468mg/L) and magnesium (74,5mg/L). To help limit the impact of its activity on the environment, the brand is using recycled plastic in each bottle.

Committed to the planet but also to women, Contrex has been acting for 6 years to help improve women condition through a unique social and sustainable program, Les Elles by Contrex.

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