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Human rights are inextricably linked to our shared future. By respecting and advancing them in our value chain, we are building a foundation that contributes to a resilient future for our planet and its people.

We have the size, scale and reach to inspire others and help drive collective action. We are focused on transforming farming practices at the heart of the food system while enabling a just and equitable transition. People and respect for human rights are at the core of Nestlé’s culture and values. We are committed to raising awareness, promoting best practices and empowering people across our value chain.

SDG contributions

SDG 1,4,5,6,8,9,10,16,17

Our progress towards prioritizing and protecting people

82.8 %

Our salient issues

We are developing action plans for our 10 salient issues. These plans, which sit at the heart of our due diligence program, will enable us to act as a force for good.

Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report