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Delicious, nutritious, and convenient food for everyone.
Whether you're a confident cook or a kitchen newcomer, you want to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your dear ones, every day. With our range, meal inspirations and ways to cook them well, are never out of reach.

Our culinary, chilled and frozen food brands

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Welcome to flavor town

What do I cook and eat tonight? It's a fundamental question that everyone in the world is asking themselves, every day. It is also important to feel good about the food you make, and have it done in a practical way within your life's constraints. Creating adventurous and flavorful dishes doesn't mean finding and preparing expensive ingredients. Our range of seasonings, sauces and ingredients elevate humble mealtimes to dining experiences that tantalize your taste buds and impress dinner guests - no matter how skilled you are in the kitchen.

Even at the end of a long day, when the fridge is empty, you can call on our recipe kits to deliver big flavors on small timescales. Any dish you would like to make today - pizza, noodles, plant burger or a hearty home-made soup - our brands are there, adding delicious depth of flavor, texture, aroma and bringing everyone around the table. All of them provide the goodness of natural ingredients and take you on a cuisine-driven tour of the world. There's only one question: what will you cook tonight?

family preparing lunch
Poké Bowl with Garden Gourmet Vuna
Mezeast falafel