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Share buyback

As announced on December 7, 2021, Nestlé began a new share buyback program for the purpose of subsequent capital reductions on January 3, 2022. This buyback program of up to CHF 20 billion is due to be completed by the end of December 2024.

Share buyback announcement (French, German)
Annonce: Rachat d'actions propres en vue d'une réduction de capital (pdf, 120Kb)
Inserat: Rückkauf eigener Aktien zum Zweck der Kapitalherabsetzung (pdf, 120Kb)

Amendment to the share buyback announcement following change in mandated bank (French, German)
Addendum à l'annonce de rachat d'actions (pdf, 130Kb)
Zusatz zum Rückkaufinserat (pdf, 130Kb)

Share buyback mechanism
Share buybacks of Nestlé shares are carried out on a second trading line on SIX Swiss Exchange, with Nestlé as the exclusive buyer on this trading line. A shareholder wanting to sell shares may do so either via the ordinary trading line or on the second trading line. Nestlé shares sold via the second trading line are subject to the Swiss federal withholding tax of 35 percent on the difference between the repurchase price of the Nestlé share and its nominal value of CHF 0.10. This withholding tax can be reclaimed as appropriate.

Nestlé registered shares second trading line (SIX Swiss Exchange)
CH 037 207134 7


Publication of transactions
February 21, 2024 (xlsx, 90Kb)

Maximum daily buyback volume 1,028,404 shares
(calculated in accordance with Art. 123(1)(c) of the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure Ordinance)

Nestlé started share buyback programs in 2005, increasing with them the flexibility in managing its capital structure as well as the strong financial position of the Group.

Since 2005 the following share buyback programs took place.


History of share buyback programs

Launch Date Completion Amount
(CHF mio)
Number of
Average price
(CHF per share)
Publication of
Jan 2020 Dec 2021** 13,057 123,081,800 106.08 n/a
Jul 2017 Dec 2019 20,000 225,186,059 88.82 n/a
Aug 2014 Dec 2015 8,000 112,640,000 71.02 n/a
Jun 2010 Sep 2011 10,000 188,465,000* 53.07* n/a
Aug 2009 Jun 2010 10,000 203,400,000 49.17 n/a
Aug 2007 Jul 2009 15,000 314,060,000* 47.76* n/a
Nov 2005 Oct 2006 3,000 76,632,000* 39.14* n/a
Jul 2005 Oct 2005 1,000 27,843,000* 35.92* n/a

*Adjusted to reflect the share split effective 30.06.2008