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A tasty, healthier snack

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn't always easy when you have a busy schedule. Enter Fitness snacks: a tasty option that's also good for you.

High in fiber, these wholesome snacks are made with wholegrains and no artificial colors or flavors. Each piece delivers a big taste and natural goodness one single pack.

When you have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, there's no reason for snacking to be any less of an indulgence. Fitness snacks taste amazing and are better for you. Choose from a range of delicious low-calorie crisps, 100% wholegrain cookies, and moreishly thin veggie crackers.

As a part of Nestlé, Fitness is supporting the push to be carbon neutral by 2050. That's why we aim to make Fitness packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.

Fitness Thin Crackers
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  • Fitness Toasties
    Enjoy a guilt-free snack made with delicious oats and wholegrains. Flavors include Honey Mustard, Tomato & Herbs, and Lime & Cumin.
    Fitness Toasties tomato
  • Fitness Thin Crackers
    Try these tasty wholesome crackers made with wholegrains – perfect for a balanced diet.
    Fitness Thin Crackers

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