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Speed to market


When it comes to innovation, speed is critical. We test our innovations quickly in a commercial environment, using rapid prototyping, AI-guided concept generation and advanced production facilities on our R&D sites.

We've also adopted a fast-track process to funding that funds promising bottom-up innovations outside of standard budget cycles.

Aside from our in-house work, we're developing strong external partnerships with academia, students, suppliers and startups. This enables us to quickly identify good ideas and reduce time to market.


R&D Accelerator

Our R+D Accelerator network consists of 14 sites across eight countries. It unites scientists, students, startups and Nestlé intrapreneurs to accelerate the development of innovative products and systems. With full access to our R&D infrastructure, teams can bring ideas from lab to launch in six months, following a lean startup mentality.


Sundial Team
Man using VR tool
Some recent fast-track launches
Gerber Soothe 'n' Chew
Nescafé Gold Roastery Collection