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Treat yourself to something unique

Meet Maxibon: an unconventional ice cream born in Italy. This delightful treat is sculpted from a perfect mixture of chocolate, biscuit, and ice cream. Not one thing or the other, it's many things all at once. If you refuse to be pinned down by the rules, Maxibon is the ice cream for you.

This is an ice cream designed to deliver the ultimate sensory experience. Its smooth taste contrasts with a textured look, providing a range of sensations to keep every bite exciting. In short: it's an indulgent experience, packed full of flavor.

Are you ready to challenge convention? Choose Maxibon.

boy eats icecream
maxibon classic

Taste something special

Enjoy Maxibon wherever you are

  • Maxibon at home
    Stock up on four-packs of your favorite Maxibon; including classic, cookie, minis, and waffle style. A go-to treat for any time.
    Maxibon cookie 4 packs
  • Maxibon when you're out
    Grab your treat to go, with individual Maxibon flavors – including classic, waffle, cookies, jungle, and Maxibon Pops.
    Maxibon classic one pack

Looking for product information?

Find product information, nutrition information and purchase locations on your local Maxibon website:

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