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Climate action by our brands

A bowl of food

Nestlé has over 2000 much-loved brands, so our product portfolio is playing a key role in helping us become a net zero company by 2050.

Diets with fewer or no animal products are one of the most effective ways people can help fight climate change. Our teams are working to adapt our product portfolio as part of our Net Zero Roadmap, to reduce their environmental impact and help meet rising demand for sustainable products.

Evolving our product portfolio to support net zero

Our recipe decisions for new and established products examine greenhouse gas emissions-reducing potential as well as nutrition, taste and cost.

Launching plant-based brands

Good for you, good for the planet: with a growing range of plant-based alternatives to meat products like burgers, sausages, tuna and filet pieces, as well as veggie-centric bakes, falafel and more, brands like Garden Gourmet, Wunda, Sensational Vuna and Sweet Earth are helping people better manage the amount of animal protein in their diets.

Farmer planting crops

Adding plant-based options to our existing brands

We believe that accelerating the switch to plant-based foods will help us, and our consumers, achieve net zero by 2050. That's why, as well as great new brands, we're introducing plant-based and vegan versions of some of our most-loved names like KitKat, Milo and Nescafé.

Brands embracing regenerative agriculture

Many of our brands are switching to ingredients sourced from regenerative agriculture practices. In France, our Purina PetCare brand has been supporting the Sols Vivants Initiative since 2020, which helps farmers across around 15 000 hectares in different regions to technically and financially make the transition to regenerative agriculture, resulting in 72 000 tonnes of raw materials.

In Brazil, Nestlé Ninho now recognizes different levels of regenerative practices by paying tiered premiums on milk prices. These practices reduced and removed 102 000 tonnes of CO2e in 2022 alone. 

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Our carbon neutral brands

Our brands are a crucial part of our global efforts to achieve net zero by 2050. Brand teams deliver impact by keeping consumers informed about the carbon footprint of their products, guiding their purchase decision.

To help brands achieve carbon neutrality, we purchase high-quality carbon offsets that help fund natural climate solutions and other activities outside our value chain, including tree planting, forest protection and, in some cases, social programs for rural communities. Brands also support innovations and programs that help to reduce emissions beyond the immediate value chain. These are not a substitution for or a distraction from our corporate plan and brands are also required to reduce emissions in line with our corporate objectives.

Every cup of Nespresso coffee to be carbon neutral

Our coffee brand Nespresso has been carbon neutral across its business operations since 2017. In 2022 Nespresso fulfilled a commitment to make every cup of Nespresso coffee carbon neutral. This was achieved through offsetting projects and reduction interventions.

The achievement was certified by Carbon Trust and refers to 'cradle to grave' carbon neutrality across Nespresso’s supply chain and product life cycle, from green coffee production though roasting and grinding, logistics, machine production, packaging, distribution, usage and end of life.

This new ambition builds on more than ten years of work during which Nespresso reduced its carbon emissions and compensated the remainder through agroforestry.

Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report