Extraordinary year. Extraordinary people.

2020 introduced us to a new world and brought all of us closer together. From farmers to retailers, together we worked tirelessly to ensure the supply of food and beverages to communities globally while remaining focused on sustainability.

Extraordinary Year, Extraordinary People | Nestlé



Explore our Annual Report to find out more about the Group's strategy, highlights of the year and key figures. Gain insight into how innovation and digitalization are helping to drive Nestlé's development.


Facts and figures

Our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy is the engine of our value creation.

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Letter to our shareholders

Nestlé is the Good food, Good life company. We believe in the power of food to enhance quality of life. We constantly explore and aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with food, beverage and nutritional health solutions to contribute to a healthier future. We focus on making a difference to the lives of people and pets, on protecting and enhancing the environment, and on generating value for our shareholders and other stakeholders alike.

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Pursuing our value-creation strategy

We aim to offer a portfolio of products and services that evolve with consumer demands. We strive to create products that are right for consumers and that contribute to public health and a sound environment. It’s good business. This guides the choices we make today and shapes our portfolio for tomorrow – whether through product evolution, innovation, acquisition or partnership.

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Innovating faster to ensure long-term growth

Our ability to innovate with speed-to-market, while developing consumer-centric innovations enables us to differentiate ourselves and to delight our consumers. Whether we are talking delicious plant-based foods, innovative coffee products, environmentally friendly packaging or breakthrough nutritional concepts – we are delivering innovations that fulfill consumer needs and desires.

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Connecting through digitalization

Digitalization is a crucial driver of Nestlé’s continued evolution. It covers all aspects of our business and helps create new platforms for growth, enhances agility and generates efficiencies. We are advancing as a digitally-enabled and data‑intelligent business.

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Speaking through our brands

Our brands are our vehicles for creating experiences beyond products. We communicate through them every day and use them to make a real impact on people’s lives and the world around us.

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Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value means creating long-term value in a way that also creates value for society and protects the environment. As climate change, a global pandemic and an economic downturn affect people around the world, delivering solutions that meet people's needs, help address society’s challenges and generate economic value has never been more important.

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The Annual Report contains our Annual Review including Creating Shared Value highlights, the Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports and our Financial Statements