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A French story since 1863

Born in France, the effervescent spirit of Perrier is now recognized in more than 140 countries. First, our carbonated mineral water was adopted as the champagne of table waters in Great Britain. Soon after, it went on to captivate hearts far and wide, before finding fame at home in France.

With its invigorating bubbles, Perrier has tastefully quenched thirst for almost 160 years. The unique blend of distinctive bubbles and balanced mineral content is a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories.

Perrier packs plenty of daring on its own, but the crisp carbonation makes it the perfect partner for mixing your own cocktails or mocktails. Elegant and versatile, it’s perfect at-home or on-the-go – a refreshing choice for every day.

organic farm

A thirst for sustainability

Everything in nature is intertwined: if we are to help preserve Perrier natural mineral water, which is located in the groundwater aquifer, it is vital that we strive to protect the surrounding land that forms the catchment area known as the 'impluvium'.

We actively support a zero-pesticide policy across the farmlands and villages located within the impluvium. Since 1994, we have been working hand-in-hand with the region's farmers to help them make the transition to organic farming and adopt sustainable practices. We also partner with local NGOs and authorities to work toward safeguarding the quantity and quality of the water's region.

Perrier rPET bottle

...and circular economy

We're also gradually replacing virgin plastic (PET) with recycled plastic (rPET) in all Perrier bottles. Our goal is for all our bottles to be made with 50% recycled PET by 2025 – part of our wider commitment to the circular economy. We're taking the same approach for our plastic overwrap, which incorporates 50% recycled materials.

Since 2018, our bottles have been transported to the French port of Fos-sur-Mer via a daily train powered by electricity: an important step in the move towards sustainable transport, reducing our CO2 emissions by 2,500 tons each year.


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