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As a guardian of unique water sources, Nestlé Waters is helping to protect natural aquifers around the world while bottling premium natural mineral waters and high-quality purified water.
We're committed to creating a water positive impact everywhere we operate by 2025.

Our water brands

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Healthy hydration

Drinking water helps people enhance their quality of life and supports a healthier future. That's why we provide pure and natural quality water solutions for all consumers, wherever they are, and inspire them to lead healthier lives.

Iconic international brands S.Pellegrino, Perrier, and Acqua Panna are leading our efforts. Already much loved, these unique natural mineral waters can be found on dinner tables around the world.

We also have a range of historic European brands like Vittel, Buxton, and Erikli, whose purpose is reflected in their care for the environment and biodiversity. Available in many emerging markets, Nestlé Pure Life is high quality purified water that is safe to drink.

This is central to our aims – providing sustainable hydration and high-quality waters around the world.

Perrier Energize
Barman pouring S.Pellegrino
Barman pouring S.Pellegrino
Barman pouring S.Pellegrino
water stewardship

Explore our water actions

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Nestlé is investing over CHF 100 million by 2030 in low-carbon logistics for its three international water brands - S. PellegrinoAcqua Panna and Perrier.

Woman checking water bottles Woman checking water bottles
We are helping to protect natural aquifers near our operations and work in close partnership with others to make safe, clean water available to all.