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Understanding Nestlé

Established over 150 years ago, Nestlé is the world’s largest, most diversified food and beverages company. We have a unique global footprint and sell our products in 188 countries worldwide. Through enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, we aim to deliver sustainable, industry-leading financial performance and earn trust.


Nestlé around the world 2022

94.4 billion
275,000 employees
344 factories

A unique global presence

  • 2022 Sales by geographic area
    North America: CHF 33.0 billion (35%)
    Europe: CHF 22.3 billion (24%)
    Asia, Oceania, Africa: CHF 21.0 billion (22%)
    Latin America: CHF 12.3 billion (13%)
    Greater China: CHF 5.8 billion (6%)
    World map
  • Strong sales contribution from emerging markets
    Well positioned in emerging markets
    2022: 42% (as percentage of Group sales)
    Mother and daughter are cooking with Ninho

Powdered and Liquid Beverages CHF 25.2 billion sales
PetCare CHF 18.1 billion sales
Nutrition and Health Science CHF 15.7 billion sales
Prepared dishes and cooking aids CHF 12.5 billion sales
Milk products and Ice cream CHF 11.3 billion sales
Confectionery CHF 8.1 billion sales
Water CHF 3.5 billion sales

Consistent return on investment

  • Shareholder returns
    28 consecutive years of dividend increases
  • Returning cash to shareholders
    CHF 181.3 billion over the last 15 years (2008-2022)

2022 Key figures

  • CHF 94.4 billion
  • 8.3%
    Organic growth
  • CHF 16.1 billion
    Underlying trading operating profit
  • 17.1%
    Underlying trading operating profit margin
  • CHF 2.95