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Savor more than a century of tradition

In the early 20th century, Parma's Piazza Garibaldi was home to Tanara, an elegant café renowned for the quality of its gelato. It was here that a young man learned the art of making ice cream. Soon, he opened an artisan shop of his own. Its name? Antica Gelateria Del Corso.

Using only the finest ingredients, such as Italian-made milk and cream, he built a strong reputation that attracted Italy's most skilled gelato makers to join him. Together, they created unique treats that are beloved to this day, including the Tartufo Bianco gelato with a coffee center and fruit sorbets wrapped in fruit skins.

Today, Antica Gelateria Del Corso continues to reinvent, renew, and perfect traditional recipes. The unique gelato texture and sublime ingredients deliver a signature flavor that is undeniably Italian.

Antica Gelateria Del Corso sorbet
Antica Gelateria Del Corso choco
Antica Gelateria Del Corso products
Antica Gelateria Del Corso products
Antica Gelateria Del Corso products

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  • Ice creams
    Unforgettable tastes, forged from real ingredients. The secret? Slow, methodical mixing to create the perfect creamy texture.
    Antica Gelateria Del Corso ice cream
  • Fruit sorbets
    The perfect palate cleanser becomes a taste sensation thanks to our experts' mastery - savor the finest fruits with an authentic taste.
    Buying Antica Gelateria Del Corso fruit sorbet

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