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Equipping our workforce for the future

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Our employees are at the heart of being a ‘force for good’. 

It is through their determination that we will strive to advance regenerative food systems at scale. Their health and well-being is our priority. We respect and encourage all our employees; we value their potential regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and different abilities, leaving no one behind.

How we’re building a respectful, supportive workplace

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Creating a progressive working environment

We are working hard to create a healthy, positive and ethical working environment – one that empowers employees, brings benefits to individuals and helps us as a business. We are building on the progress we have made to improve cultural diversity and inclusion, toward a workplace that is gender-balanced and offers equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

We are also actively recruiting for the digital and artificial intelligence skills we will need in the future. We recognize employee health is fundamental to a strong business, particularly with more remote working: Healthier people tend to be happier, more engaged and more productive.

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Our approach is structured around five key pillars:

  • Talent management:
    Attracting, developing and retaining talent while preparing our workforce for the needs of our future business.
  • Diversity and inclusion:
    Building a better business that reflects society at large and is inclusive and equal for genders, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities and all races and ethnicities.
  • Employee health, safety and well-being:
    Inspiring and empowering our people to choose healthier futures for themselves and their families, while providing a healthy working environment.
  • Employee relations and engagement:
    Supporting Nestlé in its goal to be a company where employees are treated with mutual trust and fairness, and where they feel engaged with our purpose, values and principles.
  • Organizational design and change management:
    Using our Corporate Business Principles as the basis, we oversee the Nestlé way. Our culture is supported by regularly updated policies and communicated through our training.
This work builds on other efforts designed to strengthen the interest of particular communities, notably in empowering women throughout our workforce, the rights and expectations of those in our wider supply chains, and in creating youth opportunities for those entering the workplace.

Managing talent

We have an important role to play in contributing to and preventing the impacts of climate change, and we seek to attract and retain the best and brightest to help us fulfill this task. As a result we take an active approach to attracting and hiring the right candidates to align with our business strategy, purpose and values, so that our company and our people share the same goals and can work together to be a ‘force for good’.

Diversity and inclusion

Our approach here is geared to building a better business and structured around four key pillars: gender balance; people with disabilities; LGBTQ+ community; and race and ethnicity. Our inclusive culture leverages the differences of our employees and better reflects the society and communities in which we live. In addition, our innovations also consider the diversity of consumers and customers when we make and distribute products.

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Employee health, safety and well-being

Our employee health vision aims to inspire and empower our people to choose a healthier life, while respecting the principles of privacy and personal choices, in an environment of caring leadership. We aim to enable informed decision-making and encourage people to take responsibility for themselves, their families and our business. At the same time, we work to anticipate and mitigate workplace health risks, we offer health and well-being programs, and support employees during and after injuries or illnesses.

Employee relations and engagement

We work collaboratively with our employees, their representatives and external labor stakeholders to contribute to the business's success. These relationships have been particularly important during the pandemic to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees while managing business continuity and supporting local communities. Our vision is to ensure employees are treated with mutual trust and fairness and feel engaged with our purpose, principles and values. We aim to provide a compliant, safe and healthy work environment that is contemporary and flexible, contributing to openness and inclusiveness in all our interactions. We also believe in being a business that collaborates with our employees, employee representatives, employee organizations and external labor stakeholders in order to contribute to the business's success. For example in 2021, we launched a new Policy Against Discrimination, Violence and Harassment at Work (pdf, 3Mb).

Organizational design and change management

We manage and promote the Nestlé purpose and values at a global level, providing our markets with the support and guidance they need to ensure a consistent culture throughout Nestlé. In line with our Corporate Business Principles, our purpose and values are based on the same ideas as when we develop our products: fairness, honesty and a concern for individuals, families, pets and communities.

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Creating Shared Value and Sustainability Report