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Five reasons why KitKat got 28,000 shares with a single tweet

KitKat's winning tweet

How did KitKat succeed in getting almost 28,000 shares for a single tweet about Apple's #Bendgate issue? Nestlé’s Global Head of KitKat, Stewart Dryburgh, explains:

1) Moment marketing
“The KitKat brand leverages what we call ‘moment marketing’ – the ability to move fast, to hook on to topical or news events and to use it to make a social comment, adding value to consumers’ breaks.”

2) Brand personality
“Part of our brand essence is having a sense of humour – an empathetic, laugh with you, not laugh at you, sense of humour. We’ve played on that with this tweet, threading together a news story, a key brand attribute and the brand’s unique sense of humour, to make people smile. We’ve done it several times, with KitKat in Space being another example.”

3) A pithy simplicity
“Part of the reason this tweet worked so well is that the tone is spot-on and non-judgmental. It’s just colossally simple. We’ve done it in five words and in a beautifully pitched image. It’s about less is more, which is a continuous thread in our brand.”

4) Riding the wave
“Before, in order to comment socially on a news story, we’d have needed to create work, buy advertising space and place an advert. Now, we can be much more agile, and find and utilise those topical stories that are already being shared in social media.”

5) Accessible
“The tweet’s simplicity also means it is incredibly accessible, not just to native English speakers. Anyone anywhere who’s aware of the story can understand this tweet.”

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