Speed to market

To translate science into products more quickly, we use rapid prototyping and production facilities in our R&D centers for in-market testing. We have also adopted a fast-track process to fund promising bottom-up innovations outside of standard budget cycles.

The Nestlé R&D Accelerator unites scientists, students and startups to accelerate the development of innovative products and systems. With full access to Nestlé’s R&D infrastructure, teams aim to bring ideas from lab to launch in six months following a lean startup mentality.



In 2019, we launched the Garden Gourmet plant-based burger, YES! snack bars in recyclable paper wrappers, Nesquik All Natural, and a new range of Starbucks products within six months of closing the deal for our alliance.

In addition, we launched our infant formula with Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) across 44 markets in 12 months, and invented the first chocolate, KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate, that uses cocoa fruit as the only ingredient.

We have taken a number of steps to accelerate innovation, including our enhanced prototyping capabilities and the funding of fast-track projects. With the Nestlé R&D Accelerator and its proximity to our R&D and business teams, we will bring open innovation to a new level.

Stefan Palzer
Stefan Palzer Chief Technology Officer


Another recent launch, the Roastelier system, which allows coffee shop owners to roast customized house blends, was developed in just 12 months.