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Nutrition knowledge and research

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Our research explores the links between nutrition and disease to help advance society's understanding of how to treat and prevent some medical conditions.

And our work in biomedical science connects research in nutrition to genetics, family history, environment and lifestyle, to understand how culture and habits contribute to health and to create nutritional products that answer those requirements.

Our progress addressing people’s health needs

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How we grow scientific understanding around nutrition

We aim to transform people’s health by providing insights into diet, eating habits and lifestyles. Our discoveries continually demonstrate the importance of the scientific research that underlies so many of our products and reinforce how important it is we try and stay at the cutting-edge of nutritional science. 

Our scientists share knowledge, research and data at medical conferences and collaborate internationally with other academic and research institutions. We commission research and surveys to enhance our understanding of how health and nutrition varies around the world, and we create learning programs for healthcare professionals and consumers alike to spread awareness and knowledge of the nutritional needs of core life stages and certain medical conditions.

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Better understanding eating habits

Our scientists share their research with others around the world in order to improve the understanding of eating patterns, nutrient intakes and food sources of nutrients and, in turn, improve our products. Our Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study and our Kids Nutrition and Health Study, undertaken in collaboration with academic partners around the world, have collectively observed 77 000 children from China, Mexico, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, the U.S. and Nigeria.

Our Global Nutrition and Health Atlas is a freely available resource that collates information from 190 countries on the health status, nutritional status and dietary intake of their populations. The data, compiled and presented in conjunction with Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, can be used as a research tool by anyone, including those seeking to shape public health policy.

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