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Young entrepreneurs need all the support they can get. Their innovation and creativity can have the power to change the world for the better.

To help them make this change, we identify and nurture business talent in young people and help them to kickstart and grow their business.

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Our actions

As part of our global partnership with Ashoka, we provide business mentorship, with senior executives from Nestlé. We also offer access to our R&D and innovation experts across the world.

Until now, we have:

Supported social entrepreneurs with over CHF 

2.5 million

Provided basic training and advanced mentoring to over


Engaged over


Created collaboration projects between entrepreneurs and Nestlé brands or markets



Our global partners


What are they saying?

We want to replace the large amount of plastic waste that comes from single use plastic bottles by providing a simple water filter that fits over a kitchen tap. We want to grow our company further and to educate people about water quality.

Carolina Placencia
Carolina Placencia Entrepreneur, Ecuador

I'm working to create a social network for exchanging ideas, to not only help improve the quality of life for indigenous people by giving them access to modern thinking, but to also help preserve their ancestral knowledge, their customs and traditions.

Lemnec Tiller
Lemnec Tiller Entrepreneur, Colombia

I wanted to set up an IT and e-commerce company in a country where you couldn't use digital payments. So in 2016 we set up the first digital payment system in Benin.
We literally had to convince the banks that this would help the economy! It's disheartening to see that the economy isn't there to support the people of Africa, but it's also where I draw inspiration from, that people can rely on their ingenuity to make a living through any situation.

Vital Sounouvou
Vital Sounouvou Entrepreneur, Benin


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