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Tapping into the growing cold coffee trend, Nescafé launches premium Espresso Concentrate Coffee

Nescafé Espresso Concentrate coffee

In 2023, 32% of the coffee consumed out of home was cold, the equivalent of 1 in every 3 cups. This segment is one of the fastest growing in the coffee industry, with a 15% consumption increase in the past four years1. Younger generations, in particular, have embraced the trend of drinking their coffee cold, and the rise of specialty coffee shops and cafés offering a wide range of cold coffee options has contributed to making it accessible and appealing to consumers.

Tapping into this growing trend, Nescafé launches its new Nescafé Espresso Concentrate. Designed to capture the out of home cold coffee experience, this premium liquid coffee concentrate brings barista-style personalized iced coffees to consumers’ homes. Here’s how:

  • Customizable: consumers can simply add a small shot of Espresso Concentrate to milk, to have a creamy iced Latte, to water for a robust Americano, or even mix it in a refreshing twist with a lemonade or juice.
  • Quality coffee: a blend of selected coffee varieties roasted and brewed to deliver a rich and bold taste.
  • Uncomplicated: no special equipment or barista skills needed.

Philipp Navratil, Head of Nestlé’s Coffee Strategic Business Unit, said "Young coffee consumers start drinking their coffee cold. With the Nescafé Espresso Concentrate we want to capture the growing out of home cold coffee trend and bring it in-home, with a quality premium cold coffee, in a convenient, simple, and customizable way."

Damien Tissot, Head of Nestlé R&D for Coffee adds: "At Nestlé we leveraged our state-of-the-art coffee roasting and brewing technologies across roast and ground, soluble, ready-to-drink and portioned coffee formats. With the Nescafé Espresso Concentrate we build on our expertise to create tasty and convenient coffee-at-home experiences for cold consumption."

The Nescafé Espresso Concentrate is currently available in two flavors: Sweet Vanilla, for a touch of flavor to the coffee ritual, and Espresso Black, for a bold and intense coffee.

The Nescafé Espresso Concentrate is launching this month in selected retailers in Australia, in bottle format, and in e-commerce platforms in China as a single serve pod to pour over milk, water, or juice. It is set to expand to markets worldwide over the coming years.

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