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The Gerbers can’t get out of the house!

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Gerber can - date unknown

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that trying to leave the house with your baby in tow is like a military operation.

One day back in 1928, Daniel and Dorothy Gerber were rushing to get out of the door, but still had to prepare food for their baby daughter.

Dorothy furiously pressed peas through a sieve while Daniel sighed and tapped his watch. Then she tossed him the sieve. “Can you do it any faster?” she asked furiously. Daniel couldn’t.

Then suddenly he had a lightbulb moment. The Gerbers could make pre-prepared infant food at their family canning factory! Daniel and Dorothy launched their vegetable-based baby food, Gerber’s Strained Vegetables, in the US in 1928.

If the Gerber family didn’t quite nail it with their first product name, they did with the logo that they used from 1931. A charcoal drawing of a baby’s face, it proved so popular among consumers that it’s still in use today.

Gerber won the trust of parents worldwide, and in 2007, Nestle bought the company. It’s now the US market leader in infant foods.

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