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Nestlé launches functional food supporting mobility during aging

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Mobility remains one of the top concerns of aging consumers. Nestlé is therefore launching a milk product for adults, consisting of a unique combination of ingredients supporting the three pillars of mobility: bone health, muscle strength and joint functionality. The powdered beverage under the YIYANG®Active brand has been clinically proven to enhance mobility during aging and it is the first Nestlé product with functional food approval in China.

Building on a deep understanding of local consumers and regulations, cross functional teams from Nestlé across multiple sites have been working on the development of YIYANG®Active and the scientific substantiation of its health claims. "This approval is a recognition of the outstanding scientific work done by our teams over a long period of time", said Catherine Macé, Deputy Head of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences.

The product was developed by Nestlé R&D and then tested in a clinical study in a collaboration between experts from Nestlé and from the Peking University Third Hospital.

"The results of the clinical study showed that the product in combination with tailored physical activity led to a significant increase in mobility of Chinese seniors with joint discomfort and thus improved their quality of life", said Marie Noëlle Horcajada, the Nestlé scientist who led the study.

"We are very proud to launch our first product in the functional food category. Leveraging our science and expertise, we are looking to expand our offering across our portfolio in China and beyond to provide nutritious great-tasting products with targeted health benefits", says Mayank Trivedi, Head of Nestlé's Dairy Strategic Business Unit.