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Why do you conduct clinical trials?

Why does Nestlé conduct clinical trials?

Our clinical development work provides us with the scientific evidence as to whether our ingredients, new products, and product reformulations are delivering nutritional value and clinically substantiated health benefits to our consumers. We have a long track record of carrying out clinical trials and publishing the results worldwide.

How many clinical trials do you carry out every year?

We had more than 60 ongoing clinical trials in 2015.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your clinical trials?

We adhere to the World Medical Association’s 'Declaration of Helsinki' , which outlines ethical principles for research involving human subjects. We conduct all of our clinical trials according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), an internationally recognised quality standard.

We are a member of the Clinical Research Working Group (pdf, 490 Kb). The CRWG was initiated by members of leading nutrition companies, with the aim of harmonising clinical research standards in the industry and building awareness of the scientific value and credibility of nutrition industry-sponsored clinical research.

Do you publish the results of all your clinical trials?

We support the principle of transparency with respect to clinical trials. We register all of our clinical trials in the database We aim to either present the results of all of our trials at scientific conferences, or publish them in scientific literature. This also applies to investigational products that we have either not yet commercialized, or have discontinued the development of.

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