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60/40 Logo
The 60/40+ concept is an expression of the Nestlé vision of Nutrition, Health and Wellness. Increasingly consumers are looking to food to provide nutritional and health benefits - not at the expense of taste but in addition to it.

Nestlé aims to make products that achieve at least 60% consumer taste preference with the added 'plus' of nutritional advantage. This means that in rigorous market testing 6 out of 10 consumers prefer the Nestlé product to a competitor's equivalent. It also means that we always thoroughly search for ways to add that nutritional 'plus'.

Each year Nestlé focus 60/40+ on the best selling products, in 18 food and beverage categories, in order to maximise the quality of consumer's diets. Millions of  products have been '60/40+ processed' and are available in 85 countries worldwide.

Key to this process is the nutritional assessment of Nestlé products. Nutritional assessment is carried out by R&D nutritionists and generally compares a Nestlé product with the main competitor product. The nutritional assessment examines the levels of nutrients and the value of key ingredients in our products. The assessment identifies nutritional strengths and weaknesses, and provides direction for product improvement leading to nutritional superiority.

Ultimately, the consumer is the winner with a tested process in place to continually improve the nutritional value of foods they prefer. 60/40+ drives innovation and renovation of products with the consumer at the center.

Read more about how Research and Development plays a role in Nutrition, Health and Wellness on the Nestlé Research Center website