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Bringing life to milk

NUTRITIONALLY ENRICHED MILK PRODUCTS: Sri Lankan school children enjoy Nespray, a locally-sourced, fortified, affordable milk product

Dairy products are considered to be a foundation of health for many cultures. At Nestlé, we leverage the best of our science and product expertise to provide families with both nutritionally enriched milk products and delicious dairy treats.

While our dairy products have many natural nutritional benefits, such as provision of calcium, sometimes they need to do more. At Nestlé, we are proud to offer affordable dairy products that also help to address local micronutrient deficiencies, particularly in developing countries.

Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies Through Affordable Milk
Micronutrient deficiency is a widespread problem, particularly in the developing world. It has been estimated that micronutrient deficiencies account for more than 7% of the global incidence of disease and, according to the World Health Organisation, around 1.5 million deaths a year can be attributed to a lack of iron and vitamin A. 

Micronutrient malnutrition is most common in the developing world, where those on lower incomes cannot afford to augment dietary staples, such as cereals, with more micronutrient-rich meat, fish, poultry and eggs. However, milk is naturally rich in calcium and a good carrier of micronutrient fortification, making it a viable, long-term way to deliver more nutrition to large segments of the population.

The Nestlé range of children’s milk brands (Nido, Ninho, Bear BrandKlim, Ideal) have been developed especially to offer the energy, protein and micronutrients needed by growing children. To make these products accessible for lower-income groups, Nestlé makes these milks available in affordable formats. These products are also fortified with iron, zinc, vitamin A and other micronutrients as appropriate for the micronutrient deficiencies prevalent in each area.

At the end of 2005, the affordable milk range was present in just five markets; today our affordable fortified milks are present in more than 67 countries, making a positive difference in the lives of children around the world.

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