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Making a decent living out of agriculture is increasingly becoming a challenge.

As more young people migrate to cities, the average age of farmers increases. Climate change makes farming even more challenging and impacts the entire food system.

We are supporting farmers to meet these challenges. To ensure the long-term quality and sustainability of our supplies, we are helping young people to make agriculture a profitable and sustainable activity.

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Our actions

Farmers are at the heart of the food system and its future. That is why we inspire, train and enable young farmers to develop the necessary knowledge and skills, and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit to sustainably manage their farms.

Already, we have:

Worked directly with more than


Provided training to more than


Indentified around


Organized special training events and support programs to help potential agripreneurs in the transformation of their farms

Locally adapted our training and support programs, and created them together with external partners


Our partners

Locally and internationally recognized partners from education and industry help us to tailor our agripreneurship programs to the needs of our farmer community.


What are they saying?

I work on my family farm here in Eden Valley with my mum, my dad and my uncle. It's just something I always wanted to do. It's a difficult time for dairy farmers, we need to look to young people to help secure a future in the dairy industry.

Paul Barrow
Paul Barrow Agripreneur, UK

My dad started the farm from nothing. He was a patriarch, very well-known in my village. He went on to create this profitable farm. I love agriculture, I love the earth, this ground. I wanted to contribute to bringing a modern outlook to farming.

Jean-Marie Koffi Kouadio
Jean-Marie Koffi Kouadio Agripreneur, Côte d'Ivoire

I always knew this is what I wanted to do, and it was very important for me to continue the farm. Growing up I was helping out from a very early age. I had little time for myself, but I liked doing the work. It made me the person I am today. Harvesting the crop has always been my favorite part of the job, when you literally get to see the fruit of your labor.

Piotr Potoniec
Piotr Potoniec Agripreneur, Poland


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