Transforming our product portfolio

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Using our know-how and resources, we will transform our portfolio with products that are 'good for you and good for the planet'.

This means creating new low-carbon offerings, and reformulating existing products using ingredients and processes with a lower carbon footprint.

Our more than 2,000 brands play a critical role in our journey towards net zero. As consumer tastes change and preferences move towards more transparent and sustainable products and services, our brand teams will continue to adapt, embracing sustainability and meeting market demand.

Our process of constant improvement is our competitive advantage, reducing our environmental footprint while continuing to contribute to healthy and nutritious diets.

It is crucial that we educate our employees about climate change and provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make informed decisions around product development.

We will help our portfolio and product managers incorporate GHG emissions information more effectively into their decision-making, including selecting which ingredients to use and continuously improving our ecodesign tools used in R&D. To support this, we will make more environmental impact data about ingredient supply chains available at the product level.

We will establish clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and refine our central data tracking systems to better measure progress and improve the allocation of emissions and reductions to specific businesses.

More broadly, we expect to align GHG accounting methodologies across our brands so that it is easier to make comparisons and consult with brand managers around translating corporate targets into business-specific ones.

In parallel with our corporate net zero emissions pledge, individual Nestlé brands are on a journey to achieving product or brand carbon neutrality.

Nespresso France delivered carbon-neutral coffee through insetting in 2016.

Other brands already committed to carbon neutrality include Garden of Life, Garden Gourmet and Nespresso by 2022, and Sweet Earth by 2025. Many more are set to follow.


Leveraging the power of our brands

With over 2,000 brands in our portfolio, they are playing a critical role in our journey to net zero

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