Driving new behaviors

Boy recycling

Addressing the plastic waste challenge requires behavior change from all of us. Including in our own operations, as well as with consumers, retail partners and suppliers. We are committed to leading lasting and impactful change.

  • We are rolling out a sustainable packaging education and training program for over 270'000 employees, to accelerate behavior change and help us meet our packaging objectives.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, we have partnered with Zeloop – a mobile phone app aimed at changing behavior. The app rewards users who proactively help protect the environment by depositing plastic bottles for recycling at 1,200 mapped deposit spots.
  • We have introduced a digital platform to help consumers dispose of their packaging waste appropriately in Italy.
  • Our Nescafé Dolce Gusto brand launched a consumer education campaign to promote recycling in Germany and in Mexico.
  • We are driving positive change through school programs, like the Tunuyan Verde project in Argentina.
  • All Nestlé facilities worldwide are eliminating single-use plastic items that cannot be recycled.
  • To mark World Oceans Day in June last year, 6,300 employees and their families participated in clean-up initiatives in 70 locations worldwide. From US, to Thailand, Egypt, Italy and Switzerland, they removed 60 tons of waste from the environment. Find more information on Nestlé Cares.
  • Our consumer messaging for end-of-life PET bottle recycling will be set to be on all brand packaging by the end of 2020. We are also driving positive change through school programs like the Tunuyan Verde project in Argentina, we are helping create a better environment for tomorrow's generations. Campaigns such as Beat Plastic Pollution in South Korea help us actively encourage recycling of PET water bottles.