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Providing nutritional information

  • Our commitment
    Apply and explain nutrition information on packs, at point-of-sale and online
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Why it matters

Our consumers want to make informed decisions about their food and beverage choices. We have a responsibility to communicate about our products transparently and comprehensively, including ingredients and nutritional values.

It is important that we provide consumers with easy-to-understand information. We align with external front-of-pack labeling initiatives to ensure the nutritional information of our foods and beverages is visible and clear.


What we are doing

In 2019, we continued to improve the nutrition information we provide on-pack as well as updating our Nutritional Compass to include more sustainability information. Read more about it in our 2019 progress report.

By 2020

Continue providing detailed product nutrition facts with daily value percentages, ingredients and allergens, and add special diet information, nutrition labeling explanations and healthy eating tips on all our relevant packs, as well as on our websites and e-retailer sites, to better enable informed choices

Implementing our Nutri-Score system

Our support for Nutri-Score reflects our commitment to good nutrition and informed choices. It is also a matter of transparency. Europeans are increasingly eager to know what is in their food and beverages. We want to provide them with clear nutritional information and to do this quickly. Scientific evidence and consumer support show that Nutri-Score is a solution that works in continental Europe.

Marco Settembri CEO, Nestlé for Europe, Middle East and Africa

We aim to implement Nutri-Score at scale, starting in countries that already support the scheme, such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Constructive engagement will continue in other countries to ensure the best possible outcome for all Europeans. The Nutri-Score rating provides a holistic assessment of the nutritional value of food and beverage products, including nutrients and ingredients to encourage such as protein, fiber, fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes; and nutrients and ingredients to limit including sugars, saturated fat, sodium and calories.

The Nutri-Score system will appear on several Nestlé brands, including plant-based products from the Garden Gourmet range, Nesquik chocolate-flavored milk, Buitoni pizzas, Nescafé coffee, Maggi culinary products and KitKat chocolate. Cereal Partners Worldwide will use Nutri-Score on its breakfast cereals, including Fitness and Chocapic.

As we further establish the Nutri-Score system throughout our European products, we hope that Nutri-Score will become the preferred nutrition labeling scheme for food and beverage products in the EU. This will help all Europeans to identify healthy, nutritious foods and beverages at a glance.  


Demonstrating our commitment

Developing Ask Nestlé in India

Each child is unique and so are their nutrition requirements. Giving parents a helping hand, online portal Ask Nestlé was developed in India to bring together information on child nutrition and food requirements. By entering a few details about the nutritional needs and dietary preferences of their child, parents can quickly and easily get customized meal plans, food diaries and information on the right nutritional needs for child growth.

A quick and easy-to-understand directory of recipes provides tips for making meals that even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy, while a growth tracker enables parents to monitor how their child is developing and how their child’s growth compares to other Indian children within the same age group.

Ask Nestlé

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