Apr 16, 2014

Five things you didn’t know about covering things in chocolate

At Easter, our minds turn to one thing – chocolate. But have you ever wondered how they actually get that smooth layer of chocolate on your truffle? Here are five things you didn’t know about the fine art of covering things in chocolate:

  1. In the food industry, coating something in chocolate is called enrobing;
  2. The basic technology to enrobe products – which can include fondants, toffees, jellies, biscuits and ice-creams – with chocolate was invented over 100 years ago;
  3. It takes a lot to get that glossy, shiny chocolate surface. The process includes blowing air over the chocolate-covered foods to remove excess chocolate and then vibrating them to remove ripples caused by the air stream;
  4. Covering foods in chocolate can actually make them last longer – especially those likely to dry out or absorb water;
  5. Enrobing foods in chocolate can help delicate foods, like ice-cream, keep their shape.