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Nestlé opens new Milo factory in Vietnam

Boy with Milo drink

Nestlé has today inaugurated a new factory in Hung Yen in the north of Vietnam, creating 200 jobs and saving on carbon emissions by producing closer to market.

The plant will produce the ready-to-drink Milo beverage in cartons, to supply the market in the north of Vietnam. The investment comes as the existing factory in the south of the country reaches capacity. Along with direct employment it will also create many indirect jobs in Hung Yen province.

The site uses latest environmental technology, including environmentally-friendly refrigerants in the cooling system along with heat and energy recovery systems in utilities. It also sends zero waste to landfill. The high environmental standards at the factory are part of our 2030 ambition to strive for zero impact in our operations.

Wan-Ling Martello, Nestlé Executive Vice President and Head of Zone for Asia, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa, attended the launch. She said the investment demonstrated Nestlé’s commitment to emerging markets in general, and to Vietnam in particular.

In Vietnam, Nestlé operates six factories with more than 2000 employees nationwide.

Read the full press release (pdf, 113 Kb)